My digital overnight bag goes everywhere

I recently had the pleasure of putting together a post for Amazon Wireless where the subject was entirely up to me.  Given that I had just finished traveling a couple of times in the months prior, writing about my “digital overnight bag” felt like a no-brainer.  I’ll not spoil the whole post, but suffice it to say, I make sure that I take plenty of juice withe me everywhere I go.  To do so, I keep a few products with me at all time.

As a blogger in the tech industry, I find myself traveling to various conferences and press shows a couple of times per year. Every once in a while I’ll get a sudden email invitation to a carrier announcement or product unveiling and have to be ready to go without more than a few days’ notice.  To prepare for unexpected events like this, I’ve put together what I like to call a ‘digital overnight bag.’

Products mentioned:

  • Samsung Nexus S Battery Charging Station – This way I have something I can swap out in the middle of the day should I find I can’t get to a power outlet
  • Scosche Portable Backup Battery – Between finding my luggage, the taxi ride, and checking into the hotel, there’s more than enough time to pull in some of that extra 5000mAh battery.
  • Aviiq Portable Charging Station – This little thing zips up quite nicely and has multiple plugs and pockets for cables and accessories. I can toss whatever I need in here and carry it with me, as it hardly weighs anything, even with phones and adapters stuffed inside.

Read the entire post over at Amazon Wireless.


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