Android Bluetooth Robot Sound Box Unboxing and Review

I recently had a chance to play with an Android Bluetooth Sound Box with Hands-Free and would like to share my opinion with you all.

As you will see from the video below the packaging for these speakers is great and everything you need comes in the box.  Open it up and you’ll find the device itself, a USB wire, instructions, the metal stand for device. As instructions go they’re not really necessary as it is straight forward setup process.  Once connected, you are good to play music or use the Android as a hands free kit.


The sound on this device is really quite impressive although quality will suffer if you go to full volume, much like other speakers.  I have been playing with this speaker for a number of days now, taking it to friends’ houses and using it in the car as a hands free kit.  I must say I am really impressed with how this device works! It doesn’t need batteries as it already has an on-board battery that you charge via the USB cable provided. You can get to around 10 meters from the device without affecting sound and playback lasts about 4.5 hours off of one single charge.

Its pros are that it is affordable, portable, has really good audio quality.  I can picture this making a great stocking filler when Christmas comes around!  As for cons, this device only has a few which I have already mentioned.  The speaker struggles at high volume and I fear its little ears could break off easily.  Personally this is an unlikely scenario as I would never have it in a situation where such a thing would occur.  As for everyone else though, mileage may vary.

Android Bluetooth Robot Sound Box are priced at £19.95 each and can be found at!











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  1. Essteewhy
    September 21, 14:59 Reply

    uhh, how about a demo on connecting it to your phone & lets hear some audio from it…   terrible review.

    • Will Barlow
      September 21, 15:21 Reply

      As it is called an Unboxing/ review I was tasked to Unbox & review the speaker & not to give out a connection guide. Apologies for disappointing you “Eddteewhy”. 
      In the future I will be sure to make my titles less misleading to save confusion.
      Thank you for the feedback it is always appreciated :) 

      • Essteewhy
        September 22, 15:01 Reply

        you expect us all to take your word for it when you say the speaker sounds great??  lets hear the damn thing!  all i saw in this unboxing/review is you unboxing & fondling the plastic robot.  There was no review done on video, other than you saying a couple words about it.. !! we want to see it in action please!

  2. Quiksilver
    September 25, 17:39 Reply

    I agree with (though less harshly) Essteewhy regarding his comments about seeing the item in action. The problem I see is that you strayed away from an unboxing and went on to review the item. Either you unbox the item and end it OR unbox it AND fully review it.

    Please take it as constructive criticism and not personal :)

    • Pakistani music
      October 18, 21:42 Reply

      I think the real work is about android bluetooth work stations and its capabilities.

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