Cross-Platform Social RPG ‘Buddy Rush’ Comes to Android

Team Sollmo, a division of Company100, Inc., announced today that their social/casual RPG game Buddy Rush has arrived on Android.  After already accumulating hundreds of thousands of Facebook and iOS users, this release makes the game truly cross-platform.  Gamers in Buddy Rush can choose from 15 customizable characters with a variety of outfits, weapons, and more as they form groups for Missions and Dungeons.

At launch there 10 different chapters across 92 missions, each with its own soundtrack, objectives, and bosses.  With more than 2,000 items to earn, collect, or purchase, there’s plenty of reason to keep coming back for more.  According to the Android Market description there are more chapters and missions coming soon.

Grab your Facebooks and iOS friends and get started; Buddy Rush is a free download for Android 2.0.1 and up. Note that the game is 28MB and compatible with most tablets.  Screen shots and a demo video are found after the break.[youtube][/youtube]