October 22, 2014

T-Mobile set to Discount all Smartphones and Tablets in One-Day, In-Store Only Sale

T-Mobile will be having a one-day, in-store only sale on just about every device this Saturday, September 24th (don’t get too excited just yet). To continue the celebration of their new Value plans, T-Mobile has announced that any smartphone, tablet or broadband device purchased with a new 2-year Unlimited Value plan of 2GB or higher will only cost the consumer a down payment of $99 dollars or less after mail-in rebate card. That’s right, a “down payment.” I had to read it twice myself but that’s the deal. After your initial down payment you will be entered into an “Equipment Installation Plan” (upon credit approval of course) which will require you to pay off the remainder of the balance in 20 monthly installments. Sounds like an infomercial doesn’t it?

While this “Yes, every smartphone is on sale” sale is more of a gimmick than a sale, it does benefit those who can’t afford the full purchase price of a new device and would much rather make installments (then again, that’s essentially what credit is). I haven’t been able to find any info on what happens if you fail to make a payment or become delinquent but I’m imagining a Magenta Mafia breaking down your door or showing up at your work and muscling the device out of your clammy hands while you kick and scream about the payment being in the mail.

Joking aside, if your in the market for new device but don’t have a lot of cash, this deal may just be up your alley. If you’re interested and would like more information, just hit the link after the break and check out the details on these rent-to-own devices. Just don’t come crying to me later on when the Magenta Mafia shows up to collect! Cheers!

Source: T-Mobile