Lowe’s and Jimmie Johnson Giving Away Free Samsung Galaxy Tabs (7-inch)

In the market for a new refrigerator or washing machine? You might want to head to Lowe’s between now and October 3rd for your home appliance needs. Why? because Samsung, Jimmie Johnson & Lowe’s have teamed up and are now offering a free 7″ Samsung Galaxy Tab with qualified home appliance purchases. On top of that, you can also nominate your favorite school to win a $48,000 Team-Up for Technology Makeover! Head to the Jimmie Johnson Foundation for more details on the tech makeover and check with your local Lowe’s for the low-down on free Android tablets.


  • Work4crown

    If Lowe’s really wanted to do something for Android users I think they would first make their Iphone app available on Android. 


    I am an Android/Lowe’s fanboy and was surprised to see this app was only available in the Apple app store. Why no Android love? If Home Depot comes out with an Android app you might lose me as a customer…yes, I love my phone that much…oh wait, it looks like Home Depot ALREADY has an Android app….

    I took a look at the Iphone app and it seems to just be a mobile version of the Lowe’s website so I’m not sure I’m missing any features anyway. 

    Dear Lowe’s in the past 2 months I have spent $6000. at your store renovating a bedroom, bathroom and closet. I can tell you that I haven’t really needed a smartphone app to tell me the location of your store; after approximately 150 million trips to and from my house I think I have that figured out. 

    Here’s something I think would be really useful: Make an Android app that will tell me if the store near my house has the part I’m looking for and then let tell me which aisle it is in. I think it would be cool if using gps functions my phone could take me to the exact location of a part but even if that is not feasible just let me know which aisle it is in. This would be HUGE in my opinion. No more wandering around your gigantic store with a shopping cart (that is half the size of my car) loaded up with 16 foot long trim wood looking for the next part on my list. This feature would save me and your employees a lot of time. I have to think that means it would save you some money too.

    Actually, it looks like the Home Depot app has this feature…not that I’ve tried it but it says this in the description:
    Don’t know where to find what you need in your favorite Home Depot store? With In-Store Maps you can quickly find the map and layout for the store you are shopping in or for any Home Depot store across the country to help you find what you need.”