OrangePixel Releases Stardash, the Side-Scrolling Gameboy Throwback

OrangePixel is fast becoming one of my favorite retro/throwback Android game developers. Today sees them releasing another fantastic side-scrolling game, Stardash, which looks and feels like one of our first Gameboy games. We’re talking the stuff from late 1980’s and early 1990’s.

Using a 4-color palette with simple, 8-bit graphics, and chirpy music and sound effects, Stardash looks and feels like Super Mario Land or Mega Man. There are four worlds to conquer with 9 levels each, plus one special “temple” level per world. That’s 40 levels to begin with more on the way. Are you one of those people who like to collect all the coins? There’s a star for that! Seriously, we’d love to talk more here but we have, um, something more pressing to tend to…

Stardash is available in paid and free versions with the difference being whether you care if ads are displayed. ¬†Both can be downloaded for Android 1.6 or higher so that means everyone should check this out. ¬†After you are done playing, be sure to check out OrangePixel’s other games. Start with TimeChaos, another title with a similar look and feel.