Sprint Releases Overview Video for Motorola Admiral, Forgets to Announce Phone

Sprint has tossed a video online this afternoon which provides a walk-through of the features for the Motorola Admiral.  That’s awesome and all, but there’s no Admiral announcement to go with the video.  Considering that the Android-powered phone has yet to be unveiled we are expecting Sprint to pull the video down (or mark private)  in short order.  The 2:38 clip doesn’t do much to teach us anything we hadn’t already heard but it does indicate that the carrier is inching closer to giving us a price and launch date.  Assuming Sprint pulls the YouTube video down, we went ahead and snapped a few images of the phone, just to provide another angle or two.

Several specifications are confirmed in the video, including the 3.1-inch display, 5 megapixel camera, and Direct Connect however we still don’t officially know processor speed, memory, and storage.


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