Cellular South Aims to Make Wireless Service More Personal, Changing Name to C Spire

Cellular South has announced that come September 26th, it will be dropping its southern moniker in favor of a newer and more confusing C Spire Wireless branding. We’re not sure the story behind the new name but we know that they are touting a more personalized wireless experience based on each individual customer’s needs. Reading the press release made my head spin, but it would appear that C Spire plans on getting to know their customers on a more intimate level by interacting with them personally and via social networking channels.

They plan on offering special “percs,” as well as daily games and prizes, all of which seem to be open to anyone, not just customers. There will be online panels, focus groups, user generated initiative, and DNA tests (just kidding) so that they can extract as much information as possible to be able to recommend different applications or content that you may want for your wireless device. They pretty much go on and on about “getting to know their customers” and “personalizing” everything. Other than that there’s mention of “Converged Services” and the ability to control a variety of devices wirelessly, including computers, TVs, DVRs, digital cameras and even cars and refrigerators in the near future. It all sounds like the ramblings of a mad man to me, but I’ll let you read the presser for yourself because I’ve got a headache.

While this is all meaningless to the majority of us, I have to assume there are a few readers currently on Cellular South. After all, it is the largest privately held wireless provider in the United States. I’d like to know what Cellular South customers think of the re-branding. Does the name change make a difference to you? Do you really care about all this “personalized service” or would you rather see your carrier improve things like coverage, rates and speeds? Sound off in the comments about the new C Spire and what it means to you.

Source: C Spire Wireless

  • Jamie Breakfield

    I’m a Cellular South customer, and I have to agree (a little) that the press release sounds a bit like the ramblings of a mad man. There’s no clear indication of what exactly they’re going to offer. Also, who the heck came up with that horrible name? 
    I do hope it means some better coverage and speeds, but they’ve already been working on their LTE network, so I assume that this is a precursor to that getting turned on in November.

  • Dude Man Bud

    I’m a Cellular South customer as well, and I too want to see more coverage and better speeds. I have had a situation in the past where I was given a Captain Obvious answer for a problem that I needed fixed. Eventhough I got it fixed after going on a tyrant with them, hopefully this change is for the better. I think they could have just kept the name Cellular South. C Spire just doesn’t appeal to me at all.