Nielsen: New Smart Phone Buyers Prefer Android 2-to-1 Over Apple (U.S.)

How’s that for an inflammatory headline? Fortunately, it’s not a stretch or a skewed perspective here; People are buying Android like crazy.  The new numbers out of Nielsen today show that more than half of all “recent acquirers” in the United States chose an Android device for their smart phone.  Apple comes in second among recent smart phone buyers (28%) and considerably ahead of RIM (9%) and “others”.  

Shifting the gaze towards the overall picture, Android has a 43% share of the smart phone pie here in the United States, followed again by Apple who has a 28% share.  RIM has an 18% piece of the US market for now, but that’s quickly dwindling.

What is so important about recent buyers?  It’s a pretty solid litmus test for how the market is evolving and where things are heading.  To be honest, we totally expect to see these figures scrambled up quite a bit whenever it is that the iPhone 5 finally graces the world with its magical presence.  Still, we’ll beat the drum as loud as we can, when we can!

  • Andy

    Find the comScore Smartphone Market Share for Jan 2010 and they say “42.7 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones” with Android at 7.1% (=3.0M).  Their most recent version is July 2011 with 82.2M owners and 41.8% Android (=34.4M).

    Overall growth is 39.5M: of that Android is 31.4M, so everything else is 8.1M.  Thats almost 4:1 over 18 months.

    The iPhone 5 will sell millions of units and make Apple a boatload of money, but a high percentage of them will replace an old iPhone and not change the Smartphone market share at all.  That’s the kind of user that Apple prefers, which is why they are so profitable… and why Android is growing so fast (ie creating phones for people who never had a smartphone before – if you remove Android then in 18 months smartphone users would have only grown from 39.7M to 47.8M).