Evernote Update Adds Two Key Components to Skitch Feature

Evernote pushed out an update to their popular Android application this afternoon, adding two features on the Skitch side of things. Users will find that with the note-taking, photo-capturing experience now offers cropping and smoother lines. Might not sound like a big improvement but we get the feeling that cropping was sorely missed by those already using the feature.  And really, who doesn’t like a more responsive and accurate line when they are drawing a mustache on grandma?

  • Cropping: Skitch image editing now includes cropping to make the image whatever size you like. These can be images saved in Evernote, or not – just open Skitch, snap a photo or choose an existing one, and then crop away!
  • Smoother lines: Using Skitch’s finger-drawing, users can quickly annotate their images with shapes and lines, and with this update, we’ve made the lines much smoother and more accurate to users’ movements – and overall much better looking.

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