Infect Yourself with The Thing: Flame Thrower

NBC Universal has released an official game for The Thing, the sci-fi horror film set to hit theaters in a few short weeks.  Called The Thing: Flame Thrower, the game puts you in the precarious position of having to defend the Antarctic outpost from an invading alien species.  It’s kill or be killed, but you must be careful – this thing can mimic anything it touches and it will fool you!

Break out the flamethrower and keep an eye on your backside  as The Thing is relentless and you’ve only got a set amount of fuel to contend with.  Another cool feature of the first-person shooter is the “Infect Yourself” which lets you watch as The Thing become you.

The Thing: Flame Thrower is a free download on any Android device running 2.1 or higher, including a number of tablets.

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