Updated Music WithMe App Thumbs Nose at iTunes Policies


An updated version of ParkVu’s Music WithMe has arrived in the Android Market, bringing a notable new feature along for the ride. Called Hi-Fidelity Sync, it provides a way for Android users to download any and all of their iTunes library without the need to tether or plug in.  Instead of requiring users to upload their music to iTunes (as Apple would have you believe), the songs are available immediately.  That is, provided at least one other person has the same song.

In addition to the great sync feature, Music WithMe also allows for terrific social discovery.  Thanks to aggregated sources including Pandora, Rdio and Last.FM, it’s very easy to stumble across your next favorite band.

Full press release and download link after the break. 

ParkVu Announces Hi-Fidelity Sync to Music WithMe
Ignore Apple. You donʼt need an iPhone to have iTunes.

San Francisco, Ca., Sep 27 — Despite misconceptions, you can get your iTunes music on an Android smartphone or tablet. ParkVu, makers of Music WithMe, a free Android application that wirelessly syncʼs iTunes music, today announced Hi-Fidelity Sync. Music WithMe with Hi-Fidelity Sync offers a way for Android owners to wirelessly download any music from their iTunes library instantaneously.

Music WithMe uses ParkVuʼs technology to intelligently sync users iTunes music to their Android device without the need to upload an entire music collection. “Apple wants consumers to think they must have an iPhone to have their iTunes music. That is not the case. Music WithMe keeps music on your Android phone or tablet and iTunes in sync, wirelessly without the need to upload your music. As long as one other person has the same song, your music does not need to be uploaded making Music WithMe the fastest way to sync your music. Music WithMe is the only music app that provides both wireless music access and social discovery. By aggregating music shared from multiple sources such as Pandora, Rdio and Last.FM, Music WithMe is the ultimate music discovery tool. People can explore music their friends share regardless of how they share it, and access their iTunes music anywhere.” said Jeff Fedor, co-CEO of ParkVu.

In addition to Hi-Fidelity sync, this latest release comes with an improved design, bringing an unequalled music experience to Android. Music WithMeʼs combination of social discovery, sharing, buying and Hi- Fidelity sync delivers a simple yet comprehensive music solution.

Music WithMe is a free app available at Android Market, http://withme.com/android.

About ParkVu
ParkVu provides the easiest way to wirelessly sync, share, discover and buy music on your Android. Founded in 2008, ParkVu has processed over 20 million iTunes songs for consumers in over 100 countries. ParkVu, with offices in Waterloo, Canada and Louisville, Kentucky, is a privately held company with backing from the Commonwealth Seed Capital through the Cabinet For Economic Development and the Kentucky Economic Development and Finance Authority. ParkVu is an iTunes Affiliate and Microsoft Bizspark member. For more information, please visit http://music.withme.com
* System Requirements: Android 2.1 and above. Music WithMe is currently compatible with iTunes (v7.1 and above) on

Windows and Mac operating systems.
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