Five Indie Developers Band Together, Release Discounted Game Bundle

Five independent game developers have come together in the name of Android and charity.  Using the CoronaSDK, Ansca Mobile has created the Corona Indie Bundle, five apps with the always attractive 99¢ price point. The bundle will be available for a limited time and includes an incentive to download. Should the pack hit 100,000 downloads, a sixth game will be unlocked at no extra cost. About that charity bit, 17% of your dollar is split among three groups (Bliss, Child’s Play, and Dispensario de Managua) and helps you hold your head a little higher.

The 5 games included in the Corona Bundle include:

  • The Secret of Grisly Manor (Fire Maple Games)
  • Chickens Quest (GuGu Games)
  • Robot 99 (Fu Design)
  • Walkabout (Base 2 Solutions)
  • Float (Crawl Space Games)

Considering most of these games would set you back a dollar or more on its own, this is a terrific buy!

  • Foxpaw

    A link would have been cool so that we could, you know, buy the games if we wanted to.

  • Moni Brown

    I had wanted to buy this bundle.

  • Alex