Rumors of a Motorola Droid 4 Surface

Okay folks, it’s that day of the week when you hear some new rumors about a device you have never heard of but still want to get your hands on. Today we are going to tell you about the Droid 4, which will be the next iteration in the famous Verizon Droid line. Rumors are floating about the Droid 4, which is currently codenamed as Maserati. If you are thinking what in the world is Maserati, then let me tell you that it’s a very famous Italian luxury cars brand, and they have an amazing line of beautiful cars. Howard Forums was first to source this rumor, and at the moment, not much is known about this upcoming Moto-device. Remember that poem from Twitter posted by prominent tipster black_man_x? He states in the end that The one with the keyboard is what I enjoy”, perhaps he was talking about the Droid 4.

While everything is speculation at this point, rumored specs give the device a 4 or 4.3 inch display, 4G LTE powers, no-D-Pad, a sliding QWERTY keyboard and the possibility of Ice Cream Sandwich. Anyway, let’s wait for some conformation about the Droid 4 or at least a leaked shot of a test unit before we go getting too excited. Share your thoughts with us in the comment box below and let us know how many of you are fans of having a physical keyboard.

Source: Howard Forums via Droid Life

  • Anonymous

    A physical keyboard is a MUST for me!  Hoping for a Droid 4!!!!

  • what the f!?!? The droid 3 is soooo littered with issues then you slap us in the face with this sh*t!?! unreal. NEVER buying a Motorola product again. nothing but issues. 

  • Bob

    Verizon currently has no 4g phones with a slider keyboard. whats with that. 

  • James

    Love my droid 3, only issue is the no 4g lol. 

  • Evilnut

    I have a Droid2Global and love it, gotta have a physical keyboard, I hate the touch screen keyboards. I skipped the Droid 3 because it did not have 4G, my next phone must have that. Can’t wait for the Droid 4 as it will most certainly have 4G. The larger screen and the extra row on the keyboard will be great too.Hope it comes out before January!

  • 4Gsliderguy

    I hope they have a Droid 4. I took a look at the Samsung Stratosphere today. It was nice but felt cheap because of it being plastic. I did like the Droid 3 but no 4G. Anybody hear anymore rumors on the Droid 4 phone? I would get if it comes out. I am old school and like the physical keyboard. Stood with Verizon cause of its great service. I don’t want to leave but they still haven’t got the type of phone I like eexcept for the Samsung. Come on Motorola bring some competition to this race.

    • Shanea_l

      I bought a Stratosphere for the keyboard. Had it about 10 days and the touchscreen started coming off of it. I returned it and went back to my orginal droid. I do not suggest buying the Stratosphere

  • I have a Droid2Global and love it so much!