T-Mobile Unveils New Design for Select Retail Stores

T-Mobile plans to borrow heavily from their parent company, Deutsche Telekom AG, as they set out to design 400 new and existing retail stores.  The locations will be spread out across 65 U.S. markets and will begin with a re-opening of Washington D.C. and Boston stores on October 5th.  The new design changes everything from the floor on up to the ceiling and provides customers with a more efficient shopping experience.

“With the continued complexity of wireless choices, T-Mobile is always looking to help simplify the consumer retail experience and make it more personal for each customer,” said Debra Coates, senior director of store development, T-Mobile USA. “While we’ve continually been honored for our customer service, we have found ways to make the shopping experience even better with this new design.”

Upon entering the new-look stores, customers will find private customer service desks, information kiosks, video monitors, and a wide open sales floor.  The aim is to provide a more simple and enjoyable purchase process with reduced wait times.

Hit the break to see a video demo of the new design.


Press release

  • Kevin

    The new stores look like what we’ve had in the UK for a few years now…I can’t believe how awful the US ones are!

  • Macedonia

    Same here, in Macedonia this new styles are arranged 4-5 years ago.

  • cheeseitlvr

    After looks like current or select AT&T stores now