January 27, 2015

Watch Sony Ericsson's New Ads for Xperia PLAY [VIDEO]

Sony Ericsson has thrown four new ads online today which extol the virtues of their Xperia PLAY handset. Okay, not really.  One features Esteban, a sewer worker who loves his phone but isn’t a fan of some of the emails and calls he receives.  Another one deals with a guy who wants to use the phone for work purposes but has an inner gamer to contend with.  The final two are much shorter at 15-seconds each and advise viewers that “when you get a break from work, play.”

Which of these is your favorite?


  1. LGuerra

    I really dig the “chest popper” one; definitely
    the most interesting. Yeah, pretty darn creepy. Again, like. Esteban has heart.
    Very sweet. The others? Meh.