Best Buy to Offer the HTC Flyer for Only $299

HTC Flyer is the first ever Android powered tablet manufactured by HTC and is a very good tablet. The only reason it doesn’t receive much attention is likely due to its price tag. The Wi-Fi version is available for $499 at BestBuy, which is a bit steep for a 7-Inch tablet. I admit that the HTC Flyer is a very nice piece of hardware and a lot of people are interested in it, but it still remains a tad out of budget. Well, guess what? I’ve got some good news for all those people who have been holding off their purchase of a HTC Flyer. BestBuy is planning to give the HTC Flyer a huge price cut, from $499 to $299. They say “good things come to those who wait,” and for those who’ve waited, you just saved yourselves $200.

From Oct. 1st, the HTC Flyer will be available for only $299, which I think is a very good move by BestBuy. Also, the Flyer will be receiving the Android 3.x update pretty soon, which makes this an even better purchase. The HTC flyer was also one of the recent tablets to receive unlocked bootloader support from HTC. I think this is going to be the best price you’ll see for the HTC Flyer so grab it while it’s hot. Let us know if you pick one up!

Source: TechCrunch

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  • Mike Donatello

    Is the pen still going to run ~$80?  Doesn’t seem to make much sense for a $200 device.

    • JoePa

      You only need the pen if you want to sign PDFs, take long hand notes, or doodle on photos. I have one, rarely use it, but it is super convenient if i need to sign a doc on the road.

      ~ sent from my HTC Flyer

  • Dale Strauss

    Picked up a Flyer last night, and going back for the price match today (I was afraid they’d sell out before I could get there). Thank you Amazon for making this possible. It is no coincidence that the price drops right on the heels of the Kindle Fire announcement. Makes you wonder what Amazon will do next to the 10″ market…

    On the pen front, you can get the exact same pen for $56 on Amazon, or the black version that comes with the EVO for $29 on eBay (I ordered 2 of these, one for desk and one for carrying case, and still saved enough for a 16gb micro sd card)…happy hunting