Get NFL MADDEN 12 by EA Sports Free October 1-3 [Verizon Customers]

Verizon has a special place in its heart (and checkbook) for American Football and every year they offer their customers free NFL apps and contests. This year Verizon is extending that love to the mobile gaming crowd by offering the latest in the NFL MADDEN series to customer for free starting October 1st. For three days only, NFL MADDEN 12, which normally goes for $6.99, will be available for free by dialing **MADDEN (**623336) from any compatible Verizon Android powered phone. NFL MADDEN remains one of the most popular football gaming series ever and the Android version offers many great features such as:

    Go deep with ultra-sharp gameplay and stunning graphics optimized for Android phones. Feel the impact of every game-changing tackle with smooth, hard hitting animations.
    Choose from the 32 NFL teams and battle it out in their true-to-life stadiums. Make trades, track stats, and launch winning strategies from in-depth playbooks, unique to every team.
    Slow down the clock and make the play on both sides of the ball with Total Defensive Control (TDC) and Action Control Time (ACT). Pause the action and put your players in position to deliver game changing hits with TDC, or use Action Control Time to dominate defenses with dives, spins, jukes, and sprints.
    Draw up Hot Routes for passing, running, and defense. Even save your best (or craziest!) routes as audibles.
    Jump right in with Exhibition Mode, play through an entire 16-game NFL season in Season Mode, or relive the 2010/2011 playoffs.

The EA announcement mentions something about downloading the game from VCAST apps so we’re not sure if they’re going to make you download their app store before offering you the game but since this is Verizon, I’d assume so.

There you go football fans, starting tomorrow you can get your MADDEN on courtesy of Verizon. BOOM!


  • Bert Rutland

    apparently not for the incredible 2. so much for a incredible phone! thanks verison

  • kenneth hanson

    have droid bionic and said it would not work on my phone

  • Kenny

    sigh and to think i said something nice about verizon on facebook when i heard about this offer. Im gonna go renig my statement right now. 

  • GEP Gun

    Doesn’t work on my Droid 2 Global, you get a message saying you need to go to the Verizon store and have them enable the V-Cast garbage.

    Total marketing ploy, you can only ever play this as long as the V-Cast store is on your phone, there are probably some other hidden scam fees involved somewhere, we all know Verizon’s history with the lame V-Cast crap. I’d say just avoid this, if you really want it just friggin pirate the game or pay the 7 dollars for it on the ANDROID MARKET, don’t get suckered in with the V-Cast.

  • BigFun1982

    Pissed that it only works on the Incredible 2 running on 2.2…. Who’s running 2.2 now, GB has been out for a long while now…. WTF… and I was all excited this morning, thanks for nothing VZW… bastards!

  • Jon

    thunderbolt rejected also. Nice of them NOT to support their own phones!

  • Dont bother if you are a Droid Incredible 2 owner who received the updated verizon software to ver 2.34 on 9/27 .   You must be on version 2.2.   What a crock of sh*t….thanks for nothing

  • Calem Hoffman

    What a bunch of crap!! Reallyl Verizon just when I thought you were gonna be cool, let down city!

  • Mindchatter


  • Anonymous

    I take it this must not work on anyones phone if you don’t have the VCast store. Doesn’t work on mine – rooted DInc CM7. 

    FU Verizon….seriously….suck it. Nobody wants your crap arse store and Madden on a phone sure the hell isn’t worth it.

  • Allen

    The Xperia play is also denied 🙁

  • Guys, I am pretty sure it works on all the phones listed in this thread. On my Bionic is says “Sorry your phone is not supported” followed by (in smaller text) “Offer only available through V cast store” So you just have to have to be willing to put that cappy Vcast stuff on there, which non of us are daft enough to do.  This is why they are giving it away.

  • Jlbrinkman09

    works on my tbolt running the ota 2.3.4