Amazon to Launch a 10-Inch Tablet Before Holidays?

Amazon’s recent announcement of their highly affordable Kindle Fire set the tablet world ablaze and it’s been reported that over 95,000 units were sold the first day of pre-orders. Are you paying attention tablet manufacturers? Those are some impressive numbers and Amazon seems to agree as they already have plans to add an additional tablet into their lineup. Digi-Times is reporting that Amazon is planning to launch a 10-inch tablet PC before the holiday and that they have given the order to Asian company Foxconn. Foxconn also landed the orders for the recently launched Kindle tablet so it only makes sense that they do it again. 

Anyway, no words on the specs of the tablet but I am sure it would be a good tablet, with decent specs and a very affordable price tag. Has anyone picked up the Amazon Kindle Fire yet or is this new 10″ Kindle looking a bit more interesting? Tell us in the comment box below.

Source: CNET

  • Fifer1952

    I have standard Kindle, which I like and as a frequent traveller, find it invaluable while travelling. I also have an IPad. Again easier than carrying a laptop. I cannot see me investing in the kindle fire. My Standard Kindle is perfect for my needs for a good number of years to come, as is my IPad.

    • Ryderez2

      I have the Color Nook and the Samsung Tab 10.1. I would love to see a 9.5″ Kindle Fire with front camera and microSD slot. That would be a contender.

  • Anonymous

    A small light weight device for media, web browsing and e-mail that goes into my brief case for $200, it was a no brainer.  I stopped using an I-Pad for short trips and it quickly became the property of my child.  I often used my I-pod touch when I needed to travel light weight so the Amazon Fire appears perfect.  Looking at the BOM that is on the web it appears to me that if Amazon desires they could introduce an entry level 10″ pad for a bit over $300 or $350 with some added features.  It will be interesting to see if Apple continues to protect its margins and how much consumers are willing to pay for marginal features and the Apple cache.  My gut tells me that value will rule the day and the novelty of the I-Pad and the shine on the Apple will be duller.

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