This May or May Not be The Nexus Prime in the Wild

Here are are, just one week away from seeing Samsung take the stage to unveil the ‘latest in Android’. Widely expected to be the official debut of Ice Cream Sandwich and a new ‘Pure Google’ experience device, we’re hoping to see a Nexus Prime/Droid Prime/Nexus Galaxy/Galaxy Nexus announced as well.

Do you see that image to the right? According to GSMArena, this is allegedly the first shot of the much-ballyhooed phone. Of course, we don’t get to see the whole phone (what’s the fun in that?), only a majority of the front face.

Assuming the photo and details are legit, this is confirmation of the 1280×720 HD resolution and 4.6-inch display size.   Pixel density is shown to be 320 dpi, much better than we’ve seen thus far in handsets.  It’s unknown whether or not this phone will use a PenTile matrix display however we’re pretty sure the average user won’t care one bit.

As expected all along, this phone will eschew traditional hardware buttons and offer soft keys across the bottom.  Looking at the picture we can see three buttons that somewhat resemble Honeycomb’s navigation.

We hope to find out more in the next few days but, really, could wait a full week if we absolutely had to.  Samsung’s Unpacked 2011 event is slated for October 11th and we can’t wait!

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  1. Palisaide
    October 04, 11:00 Reply

    If those pixel densities are correct, then this is showing that the screen is 4.3″, not 4.6″.  (sqrt(720^2 + 1184^2))/320 = 4.33

    • Anonymous
      October 04, 13:18 Reply

      Android generally uses abstracted DPI values, so the number the system reports isn’t necessarily the exact DPI value of the screen.

    • ShadowNinja
      October 04, 16:58 Reply

      the screen itself might be 4.3″ but including the button bar at the bottom and quick bar at the top it might be 4.6.

  2. Esbuenodun
    October 04, 11:21 Reply

    Wow palisaide, that’s some hardcore math. I double checked your computation and I don’t know what the hell your talking about. Still impressive none the less.

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