Samsung Not Phased by iPhone 4S

I can’t say that they’re alone, but it would appear that Samsung isn’t impressed with Apple’s latest offering, the iPhone 4S. They’ve just sent out a comparison between the Galaxy S II and the iPhone 4S, and it’s easy to see that Sammy’s flagship device is the powerhouse in this battle. The chart below speaks for itself, really.

All the rumors and jokes aside, one has to wonder why the announcement today was such a letdown for so many. It’s hard to fathom the idea that a company would release a high-end smartphone in this day and age without 4G capabilities, especially their flagship device. But I suppose that’s another story for another day.

So, is anyone else not impressed? Who would pick a Galaxy S II over an iPhone 4S? Sound off in the comments!

Thanks to Kim for the tip!

  • Anonymous

    After that showing today I’d definitely get the S II, though I’d prefer the S II HD since the res is a bit weak. Really, going to see what happens next week at the Nexus Prime unveiling (maybe?).

    • Jamie Carl

      Definitely a Galaxy SII.  But then again, I DO like thinking for myself.

  • “FAZED”

  • Thepoodz

    Problem with that chart is that it says syncing an iphone needs wires and kies doesn’t. Umm my friend has a sgs and he needs to plug it in to upgrade to gingerbread. iCloud means you don’t have to… am I mistaken?

    • Firmware upgrades are one thing, but syncing IS wireless via Kies on the GS2. iCloud isnt that special Android has other options. Options are the key with Android, with Apple you have none, Apples way or nothing.

  • Jasond58

    Was waiting to see the iphone do Sprint. After I did I ordered the SGS II. Wasn’t impressed.

  • Elvis

    I want to see some benchmarks on the iphone 4s TBH I bet they’ll beat the sgs2… Esp if it uses anything like what the ipad2 has inside… Ios still sucks though so it’s not like it matters anyways :p

  • James

    I have the thunderbolt and the wife has an iPhone. I must admit her device feels nicer to use . More polished I guess. Sadly 4g chipsets just aren’t where they need to be in terms of efficiency. We are both slotted for the iPhone 4S purchase upon release. Specs just aren’t everything.

  • Madness008

    Android doesn’t have a usable voice assistant. It also doesn’t have iTunes built in with wireless syncing of all media to all my devises. Sticking with the innovators: apple. You can have the specs.

    • how’s it not have a usage voice assist? Also there’s SOOO many programs that will sync my media to my devices. Ooooooo the choice the choice we have. They are so innovative iOS 5 has androids notification bar along with other “inspired” software parts.

      • Sure it has androids notifications……Android has iPhones multi-touch screen, icons, apps, app store, accelerometer, gyroscope, software keyboard, i could go on and on and on……before iPhone, android was being designed to look copy the Blackberry. Search “2007 android” in google. Made me chuckle. 

        • iambetorubio

          Ya but the thing is that all of what u mention had,and have been on previous phone before, the iPhone, apple is not an innovator because apple didn’t create, multi touch,software keyboard ,gyroscope and so on and so on, all they did was know how to market it and everybody assumed it was them. Android nor iPhone is better than each other is just a matter of preference, iPhone you have to stick on what u were provided for, and android you have the ability to choose and change what u want. So don’t make apple seem like great innovators.

    • Mick

      Yes, devises my pressiousss. I need my iTunesss on my androidses. 

    • we’ve had voice to call?text?search?etc. for over 2 years, bit behind there? and we’ve had winamp wireless syncing for the same amount of time, sir what are you smoking

  • Randall

    To be completely fair, the iPhone 4S does have HSPA+, which AT&T has been marketing as “4G” on its own network. It just doesn’t have LTE, so no 4G on Verizon (or Sprint, since it has no WiMax either). So I wouldn’t say that’s a major distinction.

  • kantor

    I’ll wait for the Samsung Nexus Prime.

  • Trevormarina Hayes

    The s2 can hold a 64 GB SDXC card FYI I am using one

  • Anonymous

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  • Allofmybest

    They stayed with a small tiny** s screen. the small screen is hard inn the eyes. SsII is bigger, faster, and weighs less. Also has access to cloud services and Near services. Thought isheep would at least bump up screen size and add more than just bare minimums. Very dissapointed, Galaxy wins hands down

  • Definitely Galaxy SII.  I like to CHOOSE where I buy digital content, apps, etc..  I also like the exponential improvement system that Android employs, as opposed to the annual pronouncement of what will be the one phone I have available to me.  Like BlackBerry layouts, Android has it.  Like big beautiful screens, Android has it.  Like slider keyboards, Android has it.  Heck, want a slider game controller, Android has it.  Does anyone else remember the iHype of yesteryear, called Apple // Forever ?  Look like iPhone 4 Forever ? 🙂

  • Bigthangs

    ….could apple be waiting to announce 5 after android shows it’s nexus?

    • Mick

      I have been wondering about this too. I am finding it hard to believe this is the best Apple has to offer for the next 12 or so months. 

  • McD

    I’m waiting for the HTC Amaze 4G! Neither Sammy nor Apple can touch that!

  • great samsung is ahead of apple

  • This is so sad. It seems to my Apple gave up! How is this race going to end? No more competition? Come on Tim show us something great!

  • The Iphone has always been behind other devices. remember when you could not even Copy and Paste or the fact that the first iPhone was not even 3G when 3G was already available? That’s a market strategy. There is a percentage of fans/geeks/fools? who will only buy iPhones as victims of apple’s marketing machine, so why waste all the innovations available in this year’s phone when we can keep some for next edition?That is and will continue to be Apple’s strategy, keep buying them and this hard rates and apple will have no reason to introduce new features earlier

  • samsung basically makes the ipad just to let you know, they make 170$ for every ipad sold, so if it has what the ipad2 has then its pretty much a samsung phone 😀 oh and btw samsung is suing apple for patent infringement due to that new antennae you guys stole from samsung

  • I like iPhone 4S…

  • blu

    I prefer the 4s for its smaller size. We’ll have to see how Siri compares to Vlingo…

  • blu

    OK, I just tested Vlingo and I’m NOT impressed.

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  • hopefully they will have an s3 and s4 to counter the ip5.