Amazon Kindle Fire Pre-Sales to Surpass Apple iPad?


Amazon recently launched the Kindle Fire which is their first ever Android tablet and everyone is talking about it now a days. The price of the tablet is only $199 and it’s a 7-Inch tablet with a dual-core processor, and I was really surprised when I heard that Amazon launched a dual-core tablet under $200. The Kindle Fire could be dubbed as the re-evolution of the Android tablet era, as CultofAndroid leaked an internal shot of a webpage which is telling us that Amazon received more than 250,000 pre-orders for the Kindle Fire so far. It seems that Amazon received around 50,000 pre-orders (around 2,000 every hour) and I am sure that number continues to rise. Word on the street is that Kindle Fire pre-sales will surpass Apple iPads, as Apple sold more than 300,000 iPads on the first day of its launch (includes pre-orders, sales to partners and retailers). If the pre-orders for the Kindle Fire keep on increasing at the same rate, then it’s expected that the pre-orders will surpass 1 million! 

Kindle Fire is now the biggest threat to all other tablet makers and with the rumored 10-inch version, things are looking bad for the competition and great for consumers! You can attribute most of the high number of pre-orders to Amazon’s affordable price point and then match that with people’s trust of Amazon, their array of content, and you soon have yourself a winner. So, have any of you pre-ordered the Kindle Fire? Don’t forget to tell us what you like about Amazon and the Kindle Fire in the comment box below.

Source: CultOfAndroid

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    I need a webcam

  • Nobuyuki Sakamoto

    When the average user learns that the tablet is only an all-use tablet on WiFi, there might be quite a few returns, as there were with netbooks in general.

    I can see a lot of people who don’t mind making a modification buying the tablet.  How will control that, I’m not sure, but they’re using it to sell publications, not to just be a cheap tablet for the general population.