Blackberry Openly Courts Android Developers to the Fourth Annual Blackberry Developer Conference

Poor, poor, Blackberry(RIM). Quarter after quarter they see their market share fall as Android’s skyrockets. This once dominant brand seemingly imploded over night, leaving its customers, employees and loyalists looking for ways out. RIM’s ship has been steadily sinking, leaving management to try and find any viable flotation device available. Someone apparently found an open-sourced Android laying around and figured “what the hell,” let’s throw this on and see if it helps. I’m of course talking about RIM’s decision to allow Android apps to run sandboxed within their Blackberry Playbook’s QNX OS. This decision allowed RIM to take advantage of the ever-growing catalog of Android Apps and developers. This move seemed to make sense considering the fact that Blackberry’s App World was dismal at best and QNX app development was essentially non-existent.

Fast-forward to today and it would appear app development for Blackberry’s Playbook remains desolate, leaving RIM to continue its courtship of Android. In fact, this years Blackberry DevCon, which kicks off October 18, is chock full of Android developer tools, sessions, and incentives. To help lure Android developers, Blackberry DevCon will be providing on-site AppsExpress kiosks to let Android developers fast track their applications; porting existing Android apps to the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and submitting them to BlackBerry App World on the spot. There will also be Android-focused speaker sessions and hands-on labs that will:

  • Show how to run an existing Android application on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet
  • Demonstrate how easy it is to port existing Android code to the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet
  • Provide expert guidance on getting started developing for BlackBerry Runtime for Android Apps

To top it all off, they will be handing out Blackberry Playbook tablets to attendees to help spark platform developer proficiency and interest.

So what do you guys think? Smart move by RIM or are they looking for solutions in all the wrong places? Any Android developers interested in attending Blackberry’s fourth annual DevCon? Give us your opinions on the debacle that is — the Blackberry ecosystem.

Source: Blackberry DevCon

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