Amazon Outlines App Development for Kindle Fire


At some point over the last week or so, Amazon posted a few common development question as it pertains to the new Kindle Fire.  Will Android developers need to do anything special to ensure that it plays nicely with the new “tablet” when it arrives in November?  When does an app need to be submitted if  the developer wants it to be considered in time for the launch?  What about in-app payments and purchases?

If you’re an Android developer looking to explore the potential opportunities that come with the Amazon Kindle Fire, you’re advised to check out the FAQ page. Should you want to participate in the Amazon Appstore for Android In-App Purchasing Beta program, then head to this page and get signed up!

Thanks to all who sent this in.

  • Anonymous

    It will be interesting to watch events unfold in the next 6 months.

  • JoelRn

    I bought my Kindle Fire a few weeks back with the intention of developing apps for it but using the ANDROID SDK found it very hard going. Then I tried HyperNext Android Creator and after playing around with their projects things just clicked. HAC as they call it, a very evocative name, has a screen designer and behind that a code editor. The code is almost English and very different to the alien-like Java I saw in the ANDROID SDK. Apparently HAC takes some ideas from Apple’s old HyperCard that now matches very well with tablets like my Fire.
    When starting the hardest part was connecting HAC to the Fire but after some help from their forums it now works very well. To create an app: just design a screen layout by placing buttons and other controls. add some scripts behind them, then either run the program inside HAC, an Emulator or send it to the Fire. HAC also links in with a Debugger so its possible to see an app’s progress on the Fire. Its a really nice setup and so far no crashes or other problems.

  • Jimmie Cyrnek

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