Comparing the Galaxy Nexus to the Nexus S

We were looking at the leaked Galaxy Nexus specifications this afternoon and wanted to see how they stack up to last year’s Nexus S handset.  Is it really that big of a difference?  Does it move the Android platform and mobile landscape forward with small steps or is it a giant leap?  Well, if the BGR stuff proves to be right (it should!), then we’ll have to seriously consider making the switch to Verizon this fall.

Hit the break to see a side-by-side comparison of the two phones, based on the BGR leak and stuff pulled from Samsung and the Google phone page. Oh, and about that image.  We took the high-res shot floating around the internet and lined a Nexus S up for the sake of the post.  We know we’re not 100% accurate with the scale but we feel like it gets the point across pretty well!

  • Anonymous

    What is the curved glass for?

    • I think its an aesthetic thing, mostly. I like it because when i lay my phone face down on a surface the screen isn’t in danger of being scratched.

      • Anonymous

        Ah, now *that* is a good reason!

        • JaylanPHNX

          Also, think about when moving your thumb across the screen, it swings from a fixed point (your hand) like a pendulum, describing an arc. With a flat screen, you have to move more to get from near points to far points than you would with a curved screen that compliments your natural arc.

    • Anonymous

      Remember those old landline phones with a coily cord? Those handsets were curved too. The curved glass provides a more comfortable feel.

    • Blake

      It conforms to the shape of your cheek – both when talking on a call and when carrying in your back pocket.  😉

    • Putting it in my pocket screen facing my leg will also hug the shape of my leg better too…

  • Also, I don’t think the Nexus S has a Super AMOLED Plus screen, I think it’s just a Super AMOLED…

  • Anonymous

    I’ll have to see the phone in person, but for me, any screen over 4 inches is too big. The iPhone is too small (3.5). The Nexus S was borderline (4.0). I still prefer the Nexus One (3.7) – perfect size in my opinion. I was also hoping for 8 megapixel. As a next-gen device with 5 megapixel, I have very high expectations for the camera on that Galaxy Nexus.

  • I love that it might have a 4.65-inch screen! I was eyeing the Samsung Note earlier which is 5-inches.

  • 4G or Not 4G

    Goes to T-Mobile I am down, if not will have to wait for the next one

  • Anonymous

    I’m worried that the 1280×720 resolution will have an aspect ratio that is way too narrow.

    The iPhone’s 960×640 is equivalent to 3:2, or 1.5
    The Nexus S’s 800×480 is equivalent to 5:3, or 1.66666…
    The Galaxy Nexus’s 1280×720 is equivalent to 16:9, or 1.77777…

    I feel my Nexus One’s 800×480 is already too narrow.  My mom’s iPhone 4 feels way better as far as the aspect ratio is concerned.  Unfortunately, it’s also too small at 3.5in considering that there are no dedicated menu/back/search buttons, which requires on-screen toolbars that eat up real estate.

  • Anonymous

    What I want to know is does it have an SD slot? The last one didn’t and that’s a dealbreaker. I’ll get a Galaxy S II and put CM8 on it if that’s the case. 

  • Anonymous

    Plus it’ll look soooo cooool!

  • Anonymous

    5 Mpixel camera is a bit of a let down and so is only 1.2 Ghz but otherwise it’s sweet.

  • Addoyle

    Looks good….but its a bit wide….

  • Android Purity

    The curved screen also reduces glare. (With help of it being made of glass too)

  • Ron

    The table for the Nexus S is a bit wrong. NFC is not available on all Nexus S devices. Only certain country / carrier combinations had the NFC chip installed. Pretty sure the Oceanic Nexus S did not have NFC.

    I’m actually disappointed in the screen size on the Galaxy Prime. I’ve been very happy with the 3.7″ screen on my HTC Desire, and feel anything more than 4″ might be a little cumbersome. 4.65″ might be something I stop putting in my pocket and start carrying in my hand…

    I was also hoping for a Tegra 3 “Kal-El” processor, although I suppose that sort of power is not entirely necessary in a handset, it certainly would have kept the iPhone 4S at bay.

    This is still the device I will buy next. Now the waiting game begins. Given how long it takes Australian carriers to move, I won’t expect this until April 2012, by then it will be well and truly old-hat.

  • Sam Savitt

    i am think that if google seriously learned from the iPhone 4s, they will have 1.5 ghz dual core processor, 8 megapixel camera and a longer battery. I feel like this event will bring bigger, better specs to the nexus family and if they want to make a big leap forward, they will make the specs top notch

  • Masterpfa

    I’ll be waiting until it has been released, too many times in the past have the delivered product not lived up to speculations  

  • Viky Me85

    Hope it does have an external card slot