Google Books Now Officially Available in the UK

It’s been a long time coming, but with a recent update Google Books is now live in the UK. Meaning British users can now purchase published books to read on your phones and tablets rather than being limited to the free public domain books. Reflecting this change is an updated Market (both handset and web), now allowing you to browse through all available books, still no videos but hopefully it won’t be too long until they appear too.

Any UK readers out there excited about this? Will you be purchasing your books from Google from now on? Or do you prefer plain old paper? Personally I’m torn, I recently bought a Kindle and I love it, but now I want to use the Google Books app on my XOOM with its sleek page turning animations. Whichever way I go, Amazon Kindle/Google Books one thing’s for sure, I probably won’t ever buy a printed book again.