Google TV Director: “Honeycomb Due in Three to Four Weeks”

Google TV’s Director of Content, Donagh O’Malley, was speaking at a Q&A this week where he indicated that the long-awaited Honeycomb update would be out in a month’s time.  Participating as a member of a panel at the Connected TV Panel, MIPCOM 2011, O’Malley remarked that when the Google TV 2.0 update arrived, users would go from around 8 apps to more than 1,000 overnight.  Currently there are an estimated 250 applications written specifically for the TV screen size.

Souce: Gnarld via Phandroid


  • I want to believe in Google TV. but it’s lacking momentum… Here’s to hoping Honeycomb will accelerate customer adoption, which in turn will prompt developers and content providers to play along

  • Dominic Flynn

    Once Honeycomb is out for Google TV my $99 Logitech Revue purchase will look more like a real bargain. ’till then it’s a bit of a dud really.