Google TV Director: “Honeycomb Due in Three to Four Weeks”


Google TV’s Director of Content, Donagh O’Malley, was speaking at a Q&A this week where he indicated that the long-awaited Honeycomb update would be out in a month’s time.  Participating as a member of a panel at the Connected TV Panel, MIPCOM 2011, O’Malley remarked that when the Google TV 2.0 update arrived, users would go from around 8 apps to more than 1,000 overnight.  Currently there are an estimated 250 applications written specifically for the TV screen size.

Souce: Gnarld via Phandroid



  1. I want to believe in Google TV. but it’s lacking momentum… Here’s to hoping Honeycomb will accelerate customer adoption, which in turn will prompt developers and content providers to play along

  2. Once Honeycomb is out for Google TV my $99 Logitech Revue purchase will look more like a real bargain. ’till then it’s a bit of a dud really.