Download the New Google Music App Built for ICS

Well what do we have here? The leaks just keep coming and coming. This time it’s Google Music 4.0.1 built specifically for launch with Ice Cream Sandwich. The app has slight UI tweaks over the current Music Beta app, mainly to tie in with ICS’s makeover, it features some blue Tron like hues, crisper looking controls and the ability to like or dislike tracks.

I haven’t been able to try out the updated app, as you need to remove the old one to be able to install it. Having recently de-rooted my Nexus S and locked the boot loader in preparation for selling when the Nexus Prime is released I can no longer remove system apps.

If you fancy installing the app for yourself, or to see some more images with comparisons to whet your appetite for ICS hit up the source link. Once you’ve done that, let us know what you think in the comments below!




Source: Android Police

  • Lol, where’s the link?

    • Ryan jJohnstone

      Click the source link where it says “Android Police” takes you to their post for the download link as it’s their exclusive.

  • Jigaboo

    Will not install…even tried removing music all together hmm…I have rooted nexus s also. Any ideas?

  • quacker

    I’ve recently derooted my Droid incredible and I’m still running HTC Rom with froyo any suggestions unto how to get everything back to “normal” or the way its been sent out of the box?