New Leak Suggests There May Be More Than One “Prime” [OPINION] (Updated)

While everyone has undoubtedly seen the latest Nexus Prime leak this morning, many are too quick to assume this is the Google experience Nexus Prime that we’ve all been waiting for. Armed with Samsung’s own video teaser from earlier this week and the new video from today, I would like to suggest the following…

  1. The phone in today’s leak is sporting Samsung’s TouchWiz interface for Ice Cream Sandwich
  2. The Nexus Prime will run stock Ice Cream Sandwich and will look much closer to Honeycomb
  3. There are 2 “Prime” phones being prepped by Samsung

You may wonder what proof I have. Well, ask and you shall receive…

Today’s leak shows off ICS with TouchWiz:

Let’s be honest. The leaked video and screenshots from today don’t look anything like any of the previously leaked videos and screenshots. However, it does remind me of another UI that I’ve seen on countless Samsung phones and tablets. It’s called TouchWiz. Just from the font used by the clock and software navigation buttons, I’ll bet anything that this is TouchWiz for ICS. I don’t have proof of this, but it only seems logical. The icons on the homescreen, along with the notification bar icons all reek of TouchWiz. If you continue reading, you may be more inclined to believe me.

Nexus Prime’s stock ICS will look closer to Honeycomb:

After seeing the original ICS leak video from the guy who got it on his Nexus S, it’s clear that Google was starting to aim for a more Honeycomb look. Google said it. Not me. Proof is from back when Google began discussing ICS with the public. At that time, Android Engineering Director, David Burke, said that they would be bringing Honeycomb’s “Hologram” visual style to it. Today’s leaked video and screenshots clearly don’t mesh with the “Honeycomb” look. I am confident when I say that this leak is not stock ICS. I think it’s safe to say that it’s skinned (and I’m assuming it’s TouchWiz).

There are 2 “Prime” phones: (SEE UPDATE AT THE BOTTOM OF POST)

Today’s leaked video was clearly of a Prime phone running ICS (way too hard to fake both hardware and software). However, if you pay attention towards the end of the video (at about 1:20), the guy turns off the screen by pressing a button on the left side of the phone. But wait. Take a look at the picture below. You’ll notice something odd. Keep in mind, this was taken straight from Samsung’s teaser video. Look at the power button. It’s on the right side of the phone. So either the guy in the video is a magician, Samsung’s own video is fake, or there are two phones. Which of the three seems most plausible? I know there’s a chance that Samsung accidentally flipped the phone in their video, but that seems pretty unlikely. I propose there are 2 versions of the “Prime.” One will be the Nexus Prime, sporting stock, Honeycomb looking ICS, and the other will be a Samsung Prime, covered in TouchWiz and possibly with a slightly altered casing. In the past, we’ve also heard rumors of multiple names for the phone. It’s been called the Nexus Prime, Droid Prime, and others. Perhaps there’s more than one name floating around because there’s more than one version of the phone. Crazier things have happened.

We won’t know anything for sure until Google and Samsung actually get around to their unveiling. Now that that’s been pushed off, it’s anyone’s guess as to when we’ll get the concrete information we so desperately crave. In the meantime, it’s back to good ol’ rumors and Mr. Blurrycam.

UPDATE: After reviewing the video a few more times, I am more inclined to believe that the guy did, in fact, use his index finger to shut off the phone. There is slight movement in his finger that coincides with the thumb movement. I also think the guy’s thumb is too high up the phone for it to be pressing the power button. Thank you to the commenters for making me take another look.

Either way, I’m still convinced that the UI is TouchWiz, which leads me to believe that there will either be 2 versions of the Prime released in the future, or this leak just happens to be from a Nexus Prime that Samsung was testing their ICS TouchWiz skin on. Considering they already have the OS, there’s no reason they wouldn’t be working on re-doing TouchWiz for it. Even the Google Search bar at the top of the homescreen doesn’t flow with the new search bar we’ve seen leaked in previous videos. It doesn’t really look Google-made. It’s even missing the magnifying glass on the left.

  • Anonymous

    Just like the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5.


  • Anonymous

    “the guy turns off the screen by pressing a button on the left side of the phone”

    no he doesn’t. watch it closer

    • Sebastien Coulombe

      I agree, @ 1:13 you can see his index finger flex against the power button on the right side, he only puts his thumb on the left side to prevent the phone from moving.

    • I hear what you’re saying. But you can also see the guy’s thumb press inward just when the screen-off animation kicks in. His index fingers doesn’t move. I also see that his thumb might be a bit high up for it to be pressing a power button. I could be wrong. Again, this is all speculation. At minimum, Samsung is also prepping TouchWiz for ICS. This can’t be the stock experience.

  • Daniel Hurley

    i dont mean to be rude but in my opinion, i just dont agree with this. first, i find it hard to believe that they could skin ICS THAT fast to not only unveil a stock nexus but also a skinned one. second, the Nexus line has always been used to show the ‘starting point’ of where the next line of phones should be in specs and features. I dont just cant believe that google would allow a nexus device to ship with a skin on it. ive also read that builds of ICS have been pushed to test devices and Nexus S almost daily. It is very plausible that this build is an updated one compared to the build we saw from the last video. the notification bar, settings, and lock screen are the same as the last one. and last, you see through the entire video that the guy is fumbling with holding the device in his hands (which seem too small) and holding the camera. i dont think he is hitting a switch on the top of the device, he puts his hand there to steady it and hit the lock button on the right side. 

  • The guy presses his index finger to turn off the phone, clear as day.

  • Tim Fenton

    what if touchwiz becomes the UI for ICS 😮

  • Brimssm

    The unlock screens are totally different too. The original video had a circular center bottom unlock, while this new video is more a drag or scroll at the top/ middle

    • Brimssm

      Sorry, I was referring to the new bootloader animation video

  • Right On

    This story is exactly what I was thinking!  It’s good to know that I’m not the only one who was thinking this.  Also, that is definitely Touchwhiz on that phone.  A newer version, but Touchwhiz nonetheless.  You can tell by the way they tilt the phone to place the widget on the homescreen they want to place it on.  That is Touchwhiz!  Great find guys!

  • Anonymous

    No way this is touchwiz, not a chance

  • eze

    I like the cut of your jib, if only because this may mean that the Galaxy Nexus is VZW exclusive while the Nexus Prime gets a wide release.  *crosses fingers*

  • Twflys

    Remember when Google said that they would make the UI more custamizable? I think that’s what is going on here…

  • Jim

    But the credibility of the ICS on Nexus S vid has been questioned, hasn’t it? Aren’t there supposedly many people on XDA saying that’s it was a fake vid using a customized ROM?

  • Anonymous

    It’s possible.
    It also happened with the nexus one and the HTC Desire.
    Let’s hope it’s true so we have a choice of what ICS device we want 🙂
    Just like I choose the Desire over the Nexus One because of the looks alone.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with this. Then the SGSII will get this.

  • Androidguys, this looks NOTHING like touchwiz, ALL THE ICONS ARE STOCK ON THIS ROM. I mean, if I can see this HOW CAN’T YOU! If you think Touchwiz looks this good then you really need help. Touchwiz looks absolutely NOTHING like this. This is without a doubt a more “polished” build of what we saw before. Wow I can’t believe this person is that retarded to even post that.

  • Anonymous

    Though I do disagree that this looks like Touchwiz in general, those soft buttons do look exactly like the ones on the tab 10.1. I also kinda hope you’re right, maybe there’s a reason there has bean two lots of specs floating around? The Galaxy Nexus and the Nexus Prime, the new HTC Desire and Nexus One?

  • Ron

    The point regarding the font used on the lock-screen clock is quite convincing. Other leak videos show a very Honeycomb-style clock. This leak has a boring sans-serif font used, which is reminiscent of TouchWiz on the Galaxy Tab line.

  • Playersod

    maybe 2 phones 

  • Anonymous

    If there are in fact two devices, which I believe is possible, it would be an international version and the CDMA Verizon version.  Both bone stock ICS.  Sure, Sammy could release an add-on TouchWiz like they did for the 10.1, but I have no doubt that it would be optional.  No way Google would let a manufacturer force their skin on a Nexus.  Possibly a few uninstallable carrier apps a la Sprint’s Nexus S 4G, but that would be it.

    • Anonymous

      *Thumbs up* Someone with reasoning.

  • Enoel69

    Seems like there will be two ICS devices on the way..the Samsung SCH-i515 will most likely be the Galaxy Nexus or Droid Prime as a Verizon exclusive. The other device the Samsung GT-i9250 will be the real Nexus Prime…going to Tmo, Sprint , Att and  everyone else.

  • Anonymous

    I believe this post 100% why because HTC has been working on the EVO 3D ice cream sandwich update for months now and it pretty much should be completed and distributed to all EVO owners sometime in late November or mid December. So yes this is the new version of touchwiz 4.1 you can mark that down…

    • Anonymous

      I guess you are at a bit of a disadvantage because your comment is from a week before the ICS/Galaxy Nexus event, but that is NOT TouchWiz. I am not saying the EVO 3D will not get ICS, I’m just saying it will not be the first. My reasoning? No NFC.

  • Anonymous

    EVO 3D will be getting ICE CREAM SANDWICH very soon..

  • Jbee1982

    I hope that is not the real phone…it looks way to small to be the nexus prime 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Well, if the verizon phone has touchwiz I’m going to another carrier. PERIOD!

  • Bollocks!

  • Great! I like this!

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