Motorola XOOM Family Edition Hitting Stores Soon

So apparently Motorola did some secret focus group poll thingy and came up with the bright idea of packaging kid-centric content into a $500 device and calling it the “Motorola XOOM Family Edition.” What a brilliant idea (insert sarcasm). Most of us parents are out shopping for tech products made by Playschool because they’re indestructible, and here comes Motorola with the idea that what parents really want, is to hand over a $500 dollar easily-destructible device to their children. Talk about polar opposites!

Anyways, the Motorola XOOM Family Edition will be hitting stores soon and includes exclusive content from Kid Mode by Zoodles along with $40 worth of pre-loaded apps like Asphalt 6 by Gameloft. So really all this is, is a Motorola XOOM packaged with a bunch of apps that Motorola feels you will want. I feel like they just aren’t listening. The only thing we want — is a lower price. Who knows, maybe I’m way off on this one. What do you guys think? Is this a scatterbrained idea or something neat and marketable? I’d love to hear your opinions on this one so please leave a comment below.

Source: Engadget

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  1. Scott Mathison
    October 07, 01:04 Reply

    Well I can confirm that the Xoom can handle it. I have a 5year old and a 1 year old who use mine all the friggin time. Drop it throw it…it keeps on ticking. Not to mention they are giving out iPads in kindergartens so they probably want to show the world Xoom can do it too.

    • Vincent Messina
      October 07, 01:38 Reply

      See I have 3 young ones and I’d be nervous as heck to let them handle a device like that. Glad to know it can stand up to a beating. Thanks.

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