Swype Acquired by Nuance for Roughly $100 Million

Rumors surfaced late yesterday evening that Nuance had acquired Swype for an amount said to be in the ballpark of $100 million. First uncovered by Uncrunched and then later confirmed at This Is My Next, the deal is said to be all but formally announced.

We’ve confirmed with Nuance that the company has acquired Swype for “approximately $100 million,” as originally reported at Uncrunched.

Those of you who pay close attention to the preloaded software and services that come with Android smartphones will recognize both the Nuance and the Swype name. Swype has become a nearly standardized keyboard across multiple devices and carriers whereas Nuance’s impression is most obvious in the myTouch series of phones.

It may take some time before we see how this affects the customer experience, if at all. Both companies already have ties with various OEMs and carriers so it might not be as obvious to users on the front end.


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    Nuance is the company behind Siri and Swype right? Now, with Apple owning the Siri app, wouldn’t this be a clash of interest between Swype and Siri? Because Siri is all about voice-based commands – it’s an Assistant as the Apple site puts it, where as Swype is only about texting. If Siri eventually evolves to be a good voice-command feature and goes mainstream, why need texting at all then? This is only for Apple phones. The rest of the mobile eco-system would have to depend on texting I guess. chk this article out http://radiomobiletech.com/blogposts/nuance-acquiring-swype-for-100-million.html