Google Movie Rentals go Live in the UK – Kind of

Just days after Google Books went live in the UK so too has Google Movies although not quite completely. The Android Market hasn’t been updated to allow you to browse the movies available to rent the way it was updated for books. As it stands you have to log in to YouTube and rent the movie from there, you will then see it appear in the videos app on your tablet. The service currently isn’t available for handsets as it is in the USA and I’m not sure if it’s available on tablets other than the Motorola Xoom. Movies are priced at either £2.49 or £3.49, Google says there are over a thousand to choose from currently but if you’re like me then there will only be a handful you’ll actually want to watch. Once you purchase a movie rental you have 30 days to begin watching, once you do you then have 48 hours of viewing time.

Have you tried out the rental service yet? How did you find it? Also be sure to let us know if it works on tablets other than the Xoom in the comments.

  • Dylan Young

    I’d love to have either (but really both) Google Books or Google Movies in Oz.  Come on Google, don’t forget us Downunder.

  • Anonymous

    A welcome addition, but obviously I would prefer the option to be able to rent films from my Google account directly. 

    But all in all a move in the right direction

  • Anonymous

    Google is expanding its business.