Android Market App Reviews Finally Become Sortable [About Time]

Well it’s about damn time! One of the biggest complaints I’ve had about Android Market user reviews has been the fact that they aren’t in chronological order. I hate when I check out an app and the first review is months old while the second is two days old. It’s impossible to find clarity on where an app stands currently. It must frustrate the heck out of developers as well — imagine updating your app to fix issues and still having the first 15 user reviews show the 2 star rating from the previous version. Well that’s all over now — THANK YOU GOOGLE! Users can now sort through reviews based on Newest, Rating, or Helpfulness.

I believe this change has only taken effect on the web market but hopefully it will carry over to the mobile market soon. It’s amazing how such a simple feature can affect a user’s overall experience and it’s even more amazing that this took so long to be implemented. Anyways, I’m happy it’s here and I’m sure that sentiment is being echoed across the android community as I write this. Now I just can’t wait until I can sync my chrome bookmarks with my mobile browser — ICS anyone?

Go check it out: Android Market

  • A very disappointing implementation ūüôĀ

    I want to see the comments corresponding to the latest version, ordered by helpfulness. Follow those by the previous version (again, ordered by helpfulness) and so on.Chronological order is largely meaningless because a user can post a comment today corresponding to a version that is not the latest.Ratings ordering is largely meaningless also because you’ll just see a load of “great” comments!

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