Just How Efficient are Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 Processors? [VIDEO]

In an era where it’s easy to get caught up hardware specs for mobile devices, we often find ourselves talking about how powerful processors can be in our Android phones and tablets.  Gone are the days of the single-core Snapdragon1GHz chipset reign as we now have dual-core stuff to contend with.  On the horizon we have multi-core platforms and even higher end tech jargon.  So much power, right?  One feature that often gets overlooked when it comes to these processors is the efficiency.

Just how much juice is needed to power or charge one of these super duper Android handsets?  Not nearly as much as you would think.  Would it surprise you to learn that a few cockroaches and praying mantises could do the job?

Hit the break to check out a fun little demo video put together by Qualcomm as they show off the efficiency of a Snapdragon S4 system on a chip.  According to the email we received, this is based off of real power calculations with real bugs.[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPwDkVnF-YQ[/youtube]

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  1. BrianC
    October 11, 14:21 Reply

    this is ridiculous in a good way.  Someone is crazy.

  2. neowiz73
    October 11, 23:18 Reply

    Now that’s some funny stuff right there I don’t care who you are :)

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