Mediocre Pours 14 News Levels into Sprinkle

The water splashing and fire fighting puzzle game that is Sprinkle is already seeing its first significant level update today. According to Swedish developers Mediocre, the new release features another world with 12 new levels as well as two levels for the existing world. What’s more, the game now also features Game Center support, adding to its overall value. And as if that wasn’t enough, there is a batch of six new levels exclusive to players who made an in-app purchase to unlock the third and fourth world of Sprinkle.

“When Sprinkle launched the outcry of happy fans was incredible and we couldn’t wait to get started building new fun and challenging levels,” said Dennis Gustafsson, co-founder of Mediocre. “We hope that fans have as much fun playing these new levels as we’ve had designing them!”

When the game launched a few weeks back, worlds three and four were only attainable by earning 5-drop ratings across all previous levels, or buy purchasing them through the game. Whereas in-app purchases were later removed from the game, the developers want to reward those early buyers with six new levels. Counting everything up, Srinkle now includes 60 levels for players, not including the bonus six levels!

If you have an Android 2.3+ device with an NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor then you need to cough up $1.49 and download Sprinkle!