Run Android Apps on Your PC with BlueStacks

BlueStacks announced earlier this morning that an alpha version of their free app player is available for Windows PCs.  In a nutshell, this makes it possible for users to download and run their Android games and applications on their desktop.  Forget 10-inch tablets, that stuff is so yesterday.  Today’s all about that 23-inch experience!  Do you know how awesome Pocket Legends will be now that you can play it from the office?

The BlueStacks application can be downloaded for free at immediately!  Hit the break to see how this looks in action. Trust us, it’s gonna be awesome.


BlueStacks Releases Software Allowing Consumers to Run Android Apps on Windows PC

Alpha Version of BlueStacks App Player now available for free download

CAMPBELL, Calif. – October 11, 2011 – BlueStacks today announced the alpha version of BlueStacks App Player for Windows PC, a free software download that allows users to quickly run their favorite Android apps on any Windows PC, tablet or laptop. In addition, the apps can be run full screen providing a unique and new user experience.

With 56-percent of smartphone consumers purchasing an Android device in the last three months[1], it’s apparent that Android is rapidly becoming a preferred operating system. The BlueStacks App Player now gives users one-click access to their favorite Android apps right on their Windows PC. Both Windows and Android users stand to benefit greatly from this capability.

For application developers in the Android ecosystem, the BlueStacks App Player opens up a market of over a billion PC users. BlueStacks does not require any additional work on the part of developers and the apps run unmodified on the Windows PC.

“The openness of Android is enabling innovation around the world. We are grateful to Google and others for their contributions. This is also a social equalizer in the US and countries like Brazil, India and China, where a large percentage of the population who can only afford smartphones can now enjoy and benefit from the ubiquity of apps on the Android platform,” said Rosen Sharma, president and CEO of BlueStacks. “We look forward to getting feedback from our users on the alpha release.”

The BlueStacks community is growing strong with more than 100,000 Facebook fans, while the BlueStacks App Player is already receiving buy-in from leading consumer, gaming and media companies:

  • “This has huge implications for gaming. They’ve created 200,000 plus PC games overnight,” said Vladimir Funtikov, co-founder of popular game developer Creative Mobile
  • “Any incremental way for people to discover our apps and we’re in. With full-screen, this is a big one. It could bring a big shift,” said Markus Kassulke, CEO of HandyGames
  • “BlueStacks will do for Android what iOS has recently done for Apple. BlueStacks has enabled to become the first cross-platform software application for the recycling industry,” said Stacy Duty, president and CEO of
  • “Outfit7 is very happy to partner with BlueStacks to bring Talking Tom Cat to PC users and hope they’ll treat him nice,” said Samo Login, chairman and CEO of Outfit7.

BlueStacks App Player has also been embraced by PC manufacturers and OEMs, who are looking to pre-load it on their devices. It has diverse uses from consumers to the enterprise, from running children’s education applications on classroom digital whiteboards to running internal enterprise apps on a PC.

Pricing and Availability

The alpha version of BlueStacks App Player is free, and can be downloaded at

Supporting Resources
A demo video of BlueStacks App Player can be viewed at

  • Mike Biggs

    wow this is awsome!!!!!!!!!!   now i can get a windows touch tablet to play  android games and windows software! SWEET!

  • Anonymous

    The install just fails on this XP machine without saying what went wrong – pretty typical for an alpha I guess. Hopefully better luck on my Win7 at home.

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  • Theobar

    I hope this is not an April Fools thing, I’ve tried running it on 2 XP machines it just stops installing with no reason.

  • Theobar

    If anyone has any luck running this thing, can you tell us your OS and machine specs, it might help the rest of us.

  • Awesome! I can’t wait to try this on my Windows 8 developer preview tablet.

  • too bad you cant play games on it  and pocket legends wont freaking work  pratice what you preach NOOBLET

  • bigdaddy

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