Samsung: Galaxy Nexus Coming “Sooner than you Think”


While some of us are trying to figure out why the Galaxy Nexus announcement scheduled for today was postponed, the rest of us are looking forward to the day the event actually does take place.  In fact, we’re already looking beyond that day, waiting for the right date to circle on our calendar so when we know to buy the phone.  Announcements,schmannouncements.  We want a release day.

According to Andrew Glass, a Sales Director at Samsung UK, we should be seeing this phone in the near future. They very near future.

“You will have an announcement of the Nexus Prime very shortly and will be seeing it in shops sooner than you think.” – Andrew Glass

The quick blurb came from a statement made at T3’s recent Gadget Awards 2011, where he was on hand to collect a prize for the Phone of the Year. Yep, the Samsung Galaxy S II is pretty well received.

Now we’re back to wondering if he meant to say Nexus Prime or Galaxy Nexus… Are they one in the same or is there more than one?

  • Chris Lambert

    Weird they might not call it the Galaxy Nexus after all?  Maybe Google thought having a MASSIVE advertisement for the Galaxy brand wouldn’t sit well with other partners?

    Nexus Prime makes sense, Galaxy Nexus?  Idiocy. 

  • Nysfinest14

    I like galaxy nexus. Both, the galaxy and the nexus are amazing phones and both are the best icons android has to show for itself. Making an ultimate phone that combines the 2 names would define this phone to a sinlge word….epic

    • Chris Lambert

      It’s not a bad name, I grant you, but as Galaxy and Nexus phones are both “ranges” I can’t imagine they’ll be allowed (by Google) to merge.  What impression would this sent to HTC, for instance if the biggest selling Android phone (Galaxy line) gets an official stamp of approval?

      I think XCMeathead *could* have a case, but I’m not sure Google would approve of the Nexus name being appropriated in such a way.  Brands matter.

  • Anonymous

    Seems obvious to me: Galaxy Nexus and Nexus Prime to launch at same time. Galaxy will have the new touchwiz on top, and slightly different specs. Prime will be stock Android, hence the 2 ICS videos, which look distinctly different. I could be wrong of course, but that’s the way it seems to me

    • Kobby Laast

      what two ICS sandwich videos? Sorry. 

  • Nysfinest14

    Also, Mr. Glass might not want to reveal officially the real name yet because most know the phone under the codename, nexus prime so he might just be going along with the code name

  • Why do you persist in referring to it as the ‘Galaxy Nexus’ in your title etc when even your supposed quote from a company spokesmen refers to it as the ‘Nexus Prime’?

    Not to mention that the brands ‘Nexus’ and ‘Galaxy’ both carry large and often opposing expectations (e.g. TouchWiz vs stock Android) – so I’d suspect Nexus Prime is far more likely to be the name if it is a Nexus at all (which it probably is).

  • Anonymous

    A lot of arguing over a name. It doesn’t matter! Just let them put the damn phone in our hands and we’ll all be happy.

  • This will be great news for nexus lovers 🙂