Android Phones Going Really Cheap on Contract

Everyone would love to get a new smartphone for free or for only 1¢ with a contract, no? And by new smartphones, I mean devices launched in recent weeks and months. If you are a loyal T-Mobile customer and you are about to upgrade, then here is a lovely Android phone you can get for free: BestBuy is offering the HTC Sensation 4G for $0.00 with a 2-yr contract. The deal is only for one day, so move before it expires. For the record, the Sensation comes with 4.3-inch qHD Super-LCD, 1.2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-core processor, 768MB RAM, 8MP rear shooter and VGA front facing camera for video chatting and Android 2.3.4 with Sense 3.0.

Now how about some cheap phones, and by cheap, I mean really, really, cheap phones. Amazon is famous for offering some good Android phones at just a penny, like the time they offered all the Verizon Droid’s for $0.01 and even the T-Mobile Vibrant was a penny at one time. Well, Amazon is at it again with their penny sale and now they are offering all Verizon devices for only $0.01! This includes the Droid Bionic and the latest Rhyme, which is already out of stock (sorry ladies). If you’ve been looking at phones like the Droid Charge, Droid 3 or Thunderbolt, now’s the time to dig in your couch for that penny and get yourself a new device!

Source: Droid-Life

Order an HTC ThunderBolt 4G from

  • Gwgarrett77

    Doesn’t work on two year renewals 🙁

    • guest

      You would think they would want to keep you… I guess not

  • Android phones are very world-wide use now, I think it is reasonable that the Android phones cut down their price.

  • Steve

    So weird, in South Africa all our phones are free on 2 year contracts, would think that USA and Europe would have it better than us….but then again, our contracts and call and data rates are much higher that yours I think…

  • This is what I have waited for: technology going cheap! Isn’t it wonderful? 

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