“Something BIG” may be Coming October 19

Ever since Samsung announced its Unpacked Google Episode, the Android community has been going bonkers over a new Nexus device running ICS. It wasn’t soon after the event announcement that Samsung teased us with “Something BIG.” That got the community even more amped and lead to multiple debates about names, specs, what kind of device(s) may or may not be revealed, etc. One thing was for sure — we couldn’t wait to get this somewhat of a mystery device in our anxious hands. The eventual cancellation of the event lead to even more rampant rumors and added even more fuel to the anticipation fire. Now, Engadget is reporting (according to an inside source) that Samsung and Google plan to announce their “BIG” announcement October 19 (the evening of the 18th for the US) at an event in Hong Kong. While the validity of this claim is like those of all claims, I, for one, will be disappointed if they decide to make this announcement anywhere other than the US. Call me selfish but I think we deserve a front row local seat to Samsung and Google’s “BIG” soiree. Just another rumor to douse the fire, take it for what it is.

Source: Engadget

  • Jeremy Smith

    What difference does it make if it is Hong Kong or San Diego, as long as we get the information?
    And how does the U.S. “deserve” a front row seat. Numerically, there are far more mobile users there than here. In many ways that makes China/Asia a more important market.

    • Hinds2009

      True yo it does not make a difference where its announced. Be happy that its being announced!

  • Flosbrot

    why should the place matter? and why should “we deserve”? products like android as well as the whole internet should help us overpass the country limits existing more in our minds and in our tradition then in our future. imho

  • Fd

    what a stupid guy? How can he demand to announce it only inside US??? Is samsung also american?

  • Like I said, “Call me selfish!”  I wouldn’t expect Google to announce their newest OS anywhere besides the US, considering that is where their headquarters is located. Why in the world would Google announce their newest OS in a country that constantly blocks their products? Call me crazy!