Evoqu Releases ShopAdvisor for Android, Alerts you When Prices Drop

Evoqu’s ShopAdvisor app is now available for Android. ShopAdvisor looks to differentiate itself from other shopping apps by not only offering up price comparisons, but allowing you to keep an eye on a product and receive alerts of changes in price or availability. A handy little feature for the patient shopper. With ShopAdvisor all you have to do is name a product and it:

  • Finds it online and at local stores.
  • Shows you where it is on sale.
  • Alerts you when the price drops.

  • Advises you about pros and cons.
  • Guides you to key buying criteria.
  • Reminds you later when you want to remember it.

ShopAdvisor even works with Evernote! Just create a note with Evernote to remember a product and ShopAdvisor will analyze the note, and refresh it with product information and deals.

I often find a product I want but might not necessarily need right away, ShopAdvisor seems like a good app to keep me updated on when the best price for that item may be available. If this type of shopping scenario sounds familiar, you might want to give ShopAdvisor a look as it’s free and available for download in the Android Market. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

Android Market Link: ShopAdvisor

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  1. Lindsay Reid
    October 12, 09:02 Reply

    It is incompatible with all of my Android phones/tablets – perhaps because I am in the UK and it only works in North America?

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