Factoring in Tablets, Android Has a Long Way to Go to Beat iOS

Comscore released a report earlier this week which covered mobile traffic over the last few months. One of the more interesting facts in this report is that although Android owns the majority of the smartphone market, iOS has a considerably larger share of internet traffic (measured in browser-based page views).  When considering the platforms as a whole, Apple’s iOS commands 58.5 percent of the market whereas Android pulls in 31.9 percent.  What’s to blame?  Tablets. ComScore found that iPads delivered 97.2 percent of the traffic generated by all tablets, essentially rendering Android tablets a moot point.

While we love to talk about how dominating Android has become on the mobile (smartphone) front, tablets must also be considered in the platform discussion.  Sure, Android is catching up with installed base (34.1% to Apple’s 43.1%), but the iPad is making it difficult to gain ground.

For more information and fun charts, I definitely recommend the ComScore Report.

  • Audioboxer217

    One point of clarity to think about when using these numbers is that it appears they are just using the UAStrings to see iPad vs Android.  However, many Android tablet users, myself included, change our UA String to “Desktop” so we can get the full version of a site instead of the crappy “mobile” version.  So the number there may be slightly skewed.  Although the overall point (ie that there are more iPad users out there than Android Tablet users) is still most likely true.  Just remember to take those “web traffic” numbers with a grain of salt.

    • Anonymous

      I use the same version in my smartphone and tablet…

    • Anonymous

      Glad someone mentioned that. Annoys me that we have to change to iPad UA, but it is the only way to avoid mobile sites on an Android tablet.

    • Rado

      iPad displays desktop version of websites by default NOT mobile versions … only Google web apps have a specific format for tablets. I doubt that’s the source of distortion. While Android is a great OS, iOS is still far easier to use for your average grandma. I use both and I don’t see that much of a difference but when I see my mom using the different devices it is obvious. Android is great for techies but iOS is more suitable for most people. Most people find Androids too confusing, that is my best guess.

  • I agree that there are obviously more iPad users than Android tablet users in the US, but I don’t understand why web traffic is used as a basis of comparison. I have a wifi Xoom and I don’t generally use it for web surfing. I really only play games, read books (kindle or google books), or use the reader app. I’m not trying to say the numbers are wrong, I just don’t understand why web traffic is a useful metric… anyone that can explain this?

  • Anonymous

    As @910687eda7d8a99eccedf0cd4f201f35:disqus stated this is all about UA strings so the data isn’t accurate. I bet you if they used something other then UA strings the numbers would be a bit higher. 

  • Ervthomson

    I just got my tablet still getting used to it. As several people are saying I don’t like that web pages are not shown in web format always. Is that a minor fix for Android. My other thing is why is there no video program/app preinstalled?

    • Audioboxer217

      For a quick, short-term change it is very easy (just type “about:debug” in the address bar then click the settings and you will see a new “debug” menu item.  I there is the UA String setting)

      However, for a long-term/permanent fix you will have to do some slightly more complicated stuff.  I recommend checking out the XDA Developers forum if you are interested in that.