Meet Capta, the Tripod Mount, Stand and Cable Management Hybrid for Your Android Phone

We just learned of a new Kickstarter project that we’d really love to see come to fruition.  The product is called Capta and it’s all-in-one design that combines a tripod mount, smartphone stand, and cable management device.  You’ll have to watch the video (below) to see how this works as words simply won’t explain how awesome it is.  The development team is looking to raise $16,850 by November 22nd and offers a number of pledging options.  For as little as $1 (virtual high five!) you can help the cause and make sure this gets fully funded and on its way to production!

Thanks, and good luck, Adewale!

  • Hello Android guys – Thank you very much for covering our product  – We REALLY appreciate it. We have worked very hard to bring it to where it is now and need all the support we can get. Thanks again and we look forward to taking Capta all the way. Cheers!

    Adewale & Bojan