October 23, 2014

SlingPlayer Application now Available for Honeycomb Tablets [Update]

Sling Media launched their SlingPlayer app for Android powered phones over a year ago, but what about Android tablets running on Google’s Honeycomb OS? Well, Sling Media also cares about them and has finally released SlingPlayer for tablets running Android 3.0 Honeycomb or later. The app is available in the Android Market for the same price as the smartphone version which runs $29.99. The application will allow you to watch your favorite TV channels or control your DVR from just about anywhere, as long as you have a Slingbox at home connected to the internet. There’s good news for anyone who has already purchased SlingPlayer for their Android phone — you can get the Honeycomb app at no additional cost!, the phone version will continue to work on your tablet free of charge. You can check out how the SlingPlayer works on Honeycomb tablets after the break in a video below. Who’s got a Slingbox and a tablet? Let us know if you plan on purchasing the SlingPlayer app and how well it works.

Update: As many commenters are pointing out, the new tablet app will cost an additional $29.99 and includes higher resolution streaming optimized for tablets. However, if you have already purchased the phone version, it will continue to work on tablets free of charge, but does not offer the higher resolution streaming. Sorry for the confusion.

Source: TechCrunch