Spice Up Your Text Messaging with Zlango Themes and Icons

While the adults try to figure whether or not Google Plus is going to ultimately take down Facebook, the kids are sneaking their phones into school and texting like crazy.  And, in an age where not everyone has a smartphone with cool apps, nothing beats the instant and direct communication that comes with good ol’ fashioned cell phones.  Texting does not discriminate between feature phone and smartphone.  But what happens when you do have an Android handset, and you want to push texting a little further?  Zlango could be your answer.

Launching official today, Zlango has been quietly building steam in the Android Market.  After a few months of under-the-radar action, Zlango has amassed more than 2,000 ratings with an average of 4.5 stars.  The screen shots look terrific and the graphics seem flashy, but what is Zlango?  I’m glad you asked!

To describe Zlango would be to use phrases like ‘texting with icons’ or ‘texting themes’, however that doesn’t do the app justice.  Rather than theming your inbox or adding a bit of color to your text messaging, Zlango lets users create messages with clever, cute, and sometimes crass icons.

After having been around the globe in other mobile platforms and 20+ countries, Zlango is ready to get serious about Android and the United States. The resume is strong and already boasts 4 million active monthly users and more than 8 billion icons delivered.  It’s perhaps the biggest thing you’ve never heard of, but today you do.

I’ve had a chance to play with Zlango these last few days and will admit that it’s growing on me with each usage.  There are plenty of icon themes and Skinz to go around, including Geeks, Sassy, Vampires, Hip-Hop, Frat, and more.  I suggest downloading a few and figuring out which speaks to you most.  For added fun, switch things up in the middle of a conversation and see what happens to your same old message.

Features of Zlango:

  • ZlangOut – Compose Zlango icon messages to be shared online via Facebook, Twitter, email and more.
  • Auto Suggestion – Easily replace words with suggested icons, or auto-write in icons.
  • Click-Switch – Change between “Urban”, “Gorgeous,” and “Classic” icon themes before, during, or after any message creation.
  • Zlango On/Off – Enable or disable Zlango icons to enjoy the rich Zlango texting experience with or without icons in messages.
  • Transform old and new SMS to Zlango (ZMS) – Convert previously received messages into Zlango icons.
  • Pop-Up Reply – Instantly read and reply to Zlango and plain text messages without opening Zlango or your default messaging application. Respond in plain text or Zlango icon messaging.

Although Zlango is a free download for Android devices running 2.0 or higher, it’s not required that your friends and contacts have it on their device.  Nope, you can sit back and enjoy the fun while they read that old boring stuff.

I’ve got a number of images to share with you guys so that you get a good sense as to what lies ahead with Zlango.    I recently spent some time talking with the company’s CEO, Roni Haim, and came away very impressed with the vision of Zlango.  What’s more, I also came away learning that they might have a few new things on the horizon, both short term and long term!

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    Why zlango and lango is not on the new phones galaxy