Study Shows Android App Users are Twice as Loyal as iOS Counterparts

According to most reports, Apple iPhone users are a loyal bunch of people who are likely to buy another device in the same product line. Those guys love their phones and return to them over and over. But what about Android users? Well, according to Fiksu’s calculations, we love our apps. A lot. In fact, when compared to Applue users we are twice as likely to open an app ten times or more.

Although the upfront cost of an Android campaign might be similar to an iOS campaign, over time, global Android traffic costs become significantly less expensive. So not only can an Android app global marketing campaign deliver more loyal users, but the acquisition cost will also be significantly lower – indicating a better investment overall.

Do you have a bunch of apps that you return to over and over again?  Tell us about them in the comments!

  • this seems logical as you typically get “some” sort of trial with an android program so you’re more likely to be happy with what you get (paid for or not) and thus return to it more.  However, with the iThings, you have to pay for all of it (unless you’re broken) so there is a greater chance of feeling jipped out of your money if you don’t like something, thus not returning to a product as well, being less likely to purchase from a specific developer again in the future.  no?

  • Jim

    Rain Pro, lets you see the weather where you are standing with settings on distance and severity.

  • Scott, through a highly informal poll we recently conducted we found folks are huge fans of Android as well, at least the device that is.

    Nearly 2 to 1, yikes!

  • I’m not surprised. I just wonder if the mix of games vs productivity apps is responsible for 100% of the difference observed. iOS has more pretty, time wasting, gaming apps that tend to have a shorter shelf life than a typical productivity app.