Michael Dell: Android Has Not “Developed to Expectations”

Michael Dell, speaking at the annual Dell World conference, had some less than flattering remarks for Android. In discussing the company’s mobile strategies and history, Mr. Dell indicated that Android has “not developed to the expectations” of Dell. Pledging support for Microsoft and Windows 8, Dell sounds to blaming the poor success of the Aero and Streak products on the OS and not the hardware. As we see it, average display technology and poor battery life could ruin any mobile experience, regardless of platform.

It’s quite possible that Dell never really wanted to sell a bunch of phones and tablets to begin. Steve Felice, president of Dell’s consumer division, indicated that the Streak, Aero, and Venue products were shipped in limited quantities in an effort to gauge “customer reaction and behavior.” Whatever the case, Dell hasn’t made that big of a splash in the Android world so far and I don’t see much in the future that looks to change things.

I suspect that many of you wouldn’t care if Dell decided to stop offering Android products altogether and focused on other platforms. We put the question out to our Twitter followers and found that some didn’t even know Dell used Android while others were quick to say ‘no’.

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  1. Dinesh Abraham
    October 13, 13:55 Reply

    ROFL !! why dont u guys bring out a Windows one or write ur own OS ? All the Dell based andy products fall short of its competitors. How about getting some tips from HTC !!

  2. Will Sours
    October 13, 13:55 Reply

    Dell sells even worse Android phones than they do Windows PC’s. They have no one to blame but themselves.

  3. Anonymous
    October 13, 13:58 Reply

    I have several Dell laptop power bricks the size of my 7″ Galaxy Tab that say it’s Dell that hasn’t developed a single product to expectation. Want pics?

  4. Rocktoonz
    October 13, 13:58 Reply

    Having spent nearly 7 years working at Dell, I can say that they have a long history of poorly thought-out deployments and decisions that have caused them to fail on a number of good ideas that were simply not implemented correctly.  I’m betting that they have failed to see the numbers of tablets and phones with Windows that are currently moving in the market vs. the number of Android tablets and phones, or worse yet (and just as likely) they have seen those numbers and think that their all-powerful brand can make a dent in those figures.  

  5. slinky317
    October 13, 13:59 Reply

    When you release shitty devices with shitty skins, you’ll get shitty returns.  They should have released stock Android on killer hardware at reasonable prices and they would have flew off the shelves.

    • Anonymous
      October 13, 14:21 Reply

      The Dell Streak 5had the best hardware design of any non military spec phone in existence. The Dell Streak 5 could easily be thrown hard on to cement in a puddle of water and the screen wouldn’t even have a scratch. The best part? The phone still worked exactly like it did when it was new. Now as for software, the launcher was superior to anything else available. It looked very similar to the stock Froyo launcher but it supported both portrait and landscape mode. The launcher’s speed and responsiveness rivaled Gingerbread’s stock launcher on the Nexus S phone.

      • gavjamhawk
        October 13, 14:36 Reply

        So it sucked before and after you threw it in a puddle? Idiot. Hardware doesn’t mean “armor”.

      • slinky317
        October 13, 14:37 Reply

        The problem with the Streak 5 was that it was 5 inches big and was released in a time when 4.3″ screens were still considered monstrous. If they were to release a Honeycomb (or ICS) 10 inch tablet now with STOCK Android (no customizations… at all) and stellar hardware at a good price, they’d be a contender.

  6. Anonymous
    October 13, 14:04 Reply

    It’s a shame, but then again, want people to buy your products, put some good hardware behind it

  7. Larry Mao
    October 13, 14:04 Reply

    Um, Android is not at fault when Dell makes subpar devices that can’t compete in the market vs HTC, Samsung or even Motorola.

    Dell is the one that has failed, not Android, just look at what they call their “top of the line” devices, they’re a joke.

  8. Kutchner
    October 13, 14:07 Reply

    Dell could have made a Splash in the market, if

    1) they released a phone/tablet with killer specs to beat out any market competitors
    2) with stock Android

    or if, and they’re in a position to do this,

    1) allowed customers to customize the specs on a phone/tablet, much like we do when we buy Windows PC (this much internal memory, ram, camera, etc)
    2) sold it stock Android

    they were the best positioned to do something like this, and instead went with subpar and now whine about it.

  9. Jim
    October 13, 14:37 Reply

    Wow Mr. Dell, you’re right!  Android’s near 1,000,000 activations per day just wreak of a mediocre OS.

  10. Anonymous
    October 13, 14:56 Reply

    “not developed to the expectations” LOL! Well the only other touchscreen OS that is more polished and has a competitive app store is iOS. Last I checked Apple wasn’t willing to license iOS to Dell for their phones and tablets. So I think the phrase “Big words from a little man” works well here. He has nothing to bring to the table so he insists its Androids fault…useless input noted.

  11. Hinds2009
    October 13, 15:01 Reply

    Its funny when a company fails its everyone else fault! They don’t see HTC, Motorola, Samsung, sony Ericsson, Acer and all these other companies that use Android not whining I guess!

  12. Apex Research
    October 13, 16:08 Reply

    Dell Streak Pro 101DL is coming out in January with one hell of a display and specs!!!

  13. Anonymous
    October 14, 15:07 Reply

    In the words of the late Steve Jobs, “Fuck Michael Dell.”

  14. Brian Mosley
    October 14, 15:25 Reply

    Michael Dell should try my Dell Streak 5 with StreakDroid v2.3.3… Even without any decent support or recognition from Dell, dj Steve, fards and contributing developers have made the Streak the best thing on the market right now.

    Michael, I don’t believe you’re stupid or a quitter… I can only hope you’ve been misrepresented here, and the Opus One is still on track for release with ice cream sandwich.

    Still (barely) loyal Dell customer here… With over 7 high spec laptops over the years and this, your crowning achievement so far – I have 2 Dell Streak 5’s and patiently await the next generation.

    Don’t blow it – you were just ahead of the market – stick with this form factor and do whatever it takes to sort out the latest Android version.

    Kind Regards


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