Samsung Officially Reschedule Ice Cream Sandwich Event for October 18


The rumors have turned to fact, kids. Samsung has rescheduled the ballyhooed Ice Cream Sandwich event for next week, tapping October 18th as the new date. Taking place in Hong Kong at 10:00PM EST, this is the show we had hoped would have come to fruition this week. Whatevs, we’ll be watching live on YouTube and suspect we won’t be alone.

  • Ken

    asta que!

  • Dinesh Abraham

    where is that idiot who told us that this was delayed due to patent issues ?

  • Anonymous

    I guess that means 9pm for me in the central time zone of the US. Awesome.

    • Correction

      Actually 10:00PM EST is the same as 10:00PM CDT (which we’re currently on in central). I assume they meant 10:00PM EDT.

  • That sucker is called Eldar Murtazin and he is the editor-in-chief
    Analyst of the site (I change the site’s name so that it won’t improve their SEO.) I encourage every Android fan to comment about him and put the word “sucker” close to his name so that he will be forever associate with the term in every search engine.

  • Anonymous

    Giving the time in GMT would be appreciated in future – makes things a lot easier for international readers!

  • Lhcheung03

    I could go there for you guys haha i live in hong kong

  • Eric Garcia

    Where can you find the live broadcast?