Galaxy Nexus Spotted in Verizon Internal System

With only a few days to go before Samsung and Google bring us Ice Cream Sandwich and a new flagship handset we fully expect to see some final puzzle pieces leaking online.  Such is the case here with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus getting spied inside Verizon‘s internal system.  No, it’s not groundbreaking nor is it the first time we’ve seen it tied to the carrier.  What we’re seeing, essentially, is confirmation of Verizon getting a variant of the phone as well as 4G LTE support.  Both have been bandied about for the last few weeks and this unofficially substantiates rumors.

Source: Droid Life

  • guest

    What does “Global Phone: N” mean? As I can understand, this means that it won’t work in Europe or Asia, so it won’t be dual (CDMA-GSM) as the iPhone 4S. I hope I’m wrong…

    • Twitch153

      Well, the fact that Verizon is cdma makes it very likely that it’s not a global phone. Verizon doesn’t need Sim cards to use their phones so I’m sure the Galaxy nexus won’t have it. At least for the Verizon variant.

    • nexus guest

      will it really matter?  Iphone sold well without the 4S…besides only 20% of all US citizens hold a passport…probably even less have even traveled outside the country.

  • Anonymous

    Voice activation?!

    I want to name my phone and call it by its name!!!