Is Google Finally Ready to Fully Compete in Music Space?

The lines are getting blurred more by the day as Silicon Valley’s tech titans continue to offer new and expanded services.  No longer strictly operating as an online retail outlet, Amazon now provides music, movies, digital books, and more.  Apple, for their part, offer hardware in the form of tablets, phones, laptops, and desktops, all while offering iTunes-powered books, movies, TV shows, and music.  Google, after starting out as a search engine, well, they just keep getting bigger all the time.

If the New York Times report from yesterday is correct, Google is finally set to expand their empire into the music space.

According to a number of anonymous music executives, Google’s music offering will open its doors within the next several weeks and will likely be connected to existing cloud services.  Apple’s iTunes Match service is expected to launch in late October so chances are good that Google might debut the new store front in time to steal a little thunder.

Google has long been expecting to offer music services to consumers but talks and boardroom deals have reportedly broken down a time or two in recent months.  The chief concern, according to executives, is piracy and using the digital lockers for wanton file sharing abuse.  Although Google has been slowly trying to warm the music labels on the idea, their Music Beta service launched in May with scaled-down experience.

How do you feel about Google’s chances in the music space?



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  1. Anonymous
    October 14, 14:44 Reply

    A welcome addition. I am currently enjoying the Google Music Beta, with the one drawback being the initial upload, but it’s greats have multiple GB’s of music stored in the cloud and not your device.

    October 14, 16:04 Reply

    All they need to do now is sign up with a wireless partner and put it in vehicles.  I use the beta service and the upload is a little picky, but after that it’s pretty good.

  3. AliOmar
    October 17, 06:27 Reply

    Google TV 2.0 + Google Music +Youtube Channels + Logitech GTV HD TV Cam + Android Market/Google TV + Full Chrome Browser + Flash 11 + New Logitech Harmony Link Remote + Logitech new Google TV expected accessories + Coming Wireless Speakers

    = Digital Home (TV, Movies, Music, Control, Video Calling, Gaming, e-commerce, Social Networking, Cloud)

  4. Siddhant Pathak
    October 17, 12:28 Reply

    “We’re sorry. Music Beta is currently only available in the United States”.again and again.

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