Samsung Galaxy Note Primarily Targets Female Users?

It’s hard to decide whether the Galaxy Note is a phone or a tablet, but one thing’s for sure: It’s one of the most awesome devices of our time. With a 1.4GHz dual core Exynos processor powering a 5.3″ 1280*800 screen, this device is your ultimate nerdgasm. But there’s something even more interesting — Samsung describes this device as a ladies phone? Here’s Samsung’s explanation about this statement:

The Galaxy Note is really good for the female market, a merger between smartphones and tablets. To have a handbag and be able to put a 5.37-inch phone in instead of a 10.1-inch tablet is something that I think will capture the female market. We will be looking at special propositions for the female consumer. There are different colour waves, thoughts and propositions that we hope to unveil later this month.

What do you think ladies? Are you really going to be stuffing a tablet in your “handbag?” How about the guys? Were any of you looking to purchase the Note but now feel like it will deal a blow to your masculinity? Give us a shout in the comments and if you find yourself looking for more info on the Galaxy Note, I suggest you check out our previous coverage for full specs.

Source: T3

  • will sprint carry this phone??

    • Charsal33

      Hope so.  The biggest issue I see with this phone is that it MUST come with ICS AND have the fastest processor available…..when it comes out.  This is the ONLY way someone could justify paying more for the NOTE vs. Nexus Prime.

      • Anonymous

        1.5 GHz dual core is actually as fast as a laptop was 3-4 years ago! You can play WoW on this easily if you jailbreak it .

        The physical specs are formidable but it would be a horrible surprise if HTC or Apple came out with an equivalent or superior device at a cheaper price point.

        Samsung still implies = value for money in my book, so I hope they give customers a good deal.

  • London54

    I am male…i was planning to buy this samsung note as I had viewed and watched reviews about it. but recently, it put me off to buy it after samsung claimed the device for female market…i have lots of friends who were planning to buy this device too, but they were pushed to grab a new iphone 4s after the statements of Glass came out…sorry samsung…you are losing money and customers!

    • Anonymous

      If you are sure about your sexual orientation, that won´t be a problem…

    • Anonymous

      Some studies say that the iPhone userbase is dominated by ladies, and I don’t see any problems with males getting it.

      Go get if you really like it.


      • Anonymous

        This is not true. The Iphone user base is more men than women. The percentage of men using the Iphone 2-3 years ago was 65%, not that number has dropped to 55%. Women are catching up. But the iPhone and smartphones in general are mostly “male” (whatever that means) .

  • Markos

    Great post. I’ve thought the same thing when I saw the red female shoe at the Note presentation. You know, the one cropped out of a photo using the S pen. So I guess that the female market was in their minds from the very beginning.
    I’m a guy and I’ve already pre-ordered the device. So has a male colleague of mine. So if I’m getting this right (that the male consumers will love it) and Samsung is getting this right, the Note will be a huge success.
    By the way, an important yet understated fact by the media: we’re talking about a NEW PRODUCT CATEGORY!
    So, all best wishes for Samsung!

    • dom99

      Where did u pre-order from and did u get the 16gb or 32gb model?

      I plan to get one and yeh Im a man, going to get a little bluetooth keyboard and replace my laptop with it

  • TimO

    I was feeling this phone (translation: I like this phone) and for real wanted it to come to the USA.  I have to say, the whole ‘female phone’ thing is a downer…it shouldn’t be perhaps but it is.  If I go forward with this purchase (should product become available) I will need to think about if I want to be the guy going around with a female phone.  Couldn’t they have just let that remain a quiet bit of info?

  • Icee0711

    There’s a difference between a phone being liked by women and a phone being marketed at women. I was considering it, but this is a vicegrip to my Ba…manhood

  • Doug Fiedor

    So far, I like everything I’ve heard about this phone.

    Sammy is marketing it to the distaff set?  Good.  I hope they sell a lot of them. 

    But if it’s available to me next summer when my contract us up, there’s a damn good chance I’ll have on in my pocket. 

    Call it a girl’s phone if you wish.  I don’t care.  Sorry guys, I don’t have any of those type problems!  Just don’t tell my wife that so she takes it. . . . . lol 

  • Sam

    I won’t buy a pink one, that’s for sure, but a threat to my manhood with such an obvious “marketing trick statement” by samsung? That’s having a psychology problem…!

  • Blueeyed Teacher

    WWhile I can see Samsung’s comments alienating some male customers, I am still interested in the Galaxy note. What may prove to be more of a sales killer is the rumored price ranges for this device. The other thing that would prevent me from buying the Note is if it comes with Gingerbread rather than the new IS OS. Samsung needs to rethink some of their marketing strategies if the Note is going to be super successful.

  • I still want one. It’s one of the most powerful Android devices out there and the screen size doesn’t bother me. I have big pockets. If there was a 7 inch tablet that could make phone calls, I would carry that instead of a phone.

  • Seems pretty great. If it is really targeted for females, I do want to get one. It is not only a cellphone to me, I think.

  • Anonymous

    I might get one and scratch off/ cover up the “Galaxy Note” label to avoid any stigma or answering dumb questions.
    Damn cell phone companies and the morons they hire to market their products!

  • Lschaibley

    Would love to get my hands on one of these, but can’t find out if and when it will be available here in the U.S. and which provider will carry it.  Anyone have any information on this?

  • Maxrep3

    Stop it !  You bitches are gonna make the Samsung Note Turn Pink before it get here! Exclusive US edition Susan G Komen Pink Note !                        

  • I am a 52 year old female and was initially looking for a tablet, and was keeping my eye on the HTC Flyer but the problem with this one is that it doesn’t have phone capabilities, so when samsung announced that they have an all in one device coming out I thought finally.  I can’t wait for this device to come to canada.  I can read books with it, surf the net, take notes easily and phone a friend all at once, then throw it in my purse or my pocket.  The only problem that I have is that Samsung Canada is difficult to contact.  I hope this product will easily update to the newest Andriod versions.  My husband has been put on notice that this is what I want for Christmas.  Also, I think guys would be stupid if they did not want to consider an all in one device.  This galaxy note is also great for conferences.  Yes….  Why isn’t there more current news about this device for North America?

  • One

    If something that simple challenges your sense of your own masculinity, I feel really bad for you…